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    It’s so doom and gloom with Salem’s younger set. Do these pairs ever cut loose? Remember those days with Shawn and Belle at dances, Shawn making a snowman, Chloe and Brady singing?
    These teen/20 somethings on Days are missing light-hearted romance. Mia and Will have been such downers. What’s memorable about their scenes? Show us a young couple in love!


    You’re right!  Never really thought about that before, but Will, Mia, Chad, etc.. have all been pretty depressing.  They need to have some fun and get some regular teen stuff in there sometimes.


    Oh, yes, those were the days, in the early 2000’s! I guess they can’t make them fun anymore, now there’s triangles and drama with them.


    I would actually even appreciate one of them saying, excitedly, "OMG, I saw New Moon last night!  I couldn’t believe it!  (shriek!)"  I just can’t imagine any of the young set on this show having even the energy to get excited or show joy or happiness.  Mel, maybe, but she’s not really one of them.  Can you picture Mia jumping up and down?  She was supposed to have been a cheerleader at one time.  I wonder if the Salem West team won any games?


     so they feel that they need to have drama/trauma with the younger set too?  Even Bope’s kid has had a lot of trauma.  Come to think of it, have any of the characters had any fun except maybe Victor?  He’s certainly had some classic wise comments lately.  Vivian has come in as a revenge seeking witch.  


    it appears they are going to be matching Gabbi and Will up.  She’s a lot spunkier than Mia, and might just be a good match for Will. 


     I wonder what’s going to happen to Mia is Gabby and Will are going to be paired up??  is what’s his name sticking around too?  Chad thats his name! LOL.  

    Ms. Jake

    You’re so right! These kids don’t know how to have fun..or should I say the writters don’t know how to let them have fun!

    Maybe they won’t need Mia’s character for much longer…Chad either. If Gabby’s going to be the new love interest for Will?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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