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    I’m really tired of watching Nicole become the new busy body Maggie. First of all, I don’t like her as a busy body, and second of all, she’s no Maggie. The story we’re being fed is not believable, I know it’s a soap, but the characters aren’t in character. There’s no way Eric would marry the live of his life and stay gone from her for almost a year now. He hasn’t even come home for a visit! I think they need to re-cast Eric and give him and Nicole a chance to be a married couple and parents to Holly.


    I agree 100%


    Nicole started getting on my nerves with her nosiness a couple of years ago, even before she stuck her nose into the Allie situation. She hasn’t gotten any better lately, but continues to get involved with things that are none of her business. Whether Eric (new or old) comes back or not, she needs to mind her own business and get a life of her own. I used to like Nicole a lot, but not any more.


    How about Nicole just leave town and join Eric? How about we get a new writing staff before we get a new Eric. It’s sadly getting harder to watch the show with these awful storylines.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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