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    Since spoilers are welcome.

    I had read that Leo ends up being an ally for Gabi, by putting it out there Chad’s behind framing EJ for Sami’s abduction, do you really think that story works, given that all Chad & Kate did was put the blame on Belle’s Satan, & that it was Lucas who put into EJ’s computer the money trail.

    Remember, they had put it out there that Lucas is back & it’s going to come out that he was behind the abduction & in a way I can see Chad being behind it, because he was the one that planted it on Belle’s laptop, but remember this, Lucas was the one that put it into EJ’s computer at the office before Chad had put it on Belle’s lap-top, so how exactly would it work, given that the charges on EJ was dropped, so wouldn’t it be futile that Chad had framed him by putting it into Belle’s lap-top ?

    This is too reminiscent of what Leo had done with Will & Sonny sometime ago, meaning, that he, Kate & Ted set the trap that had gotten the photos with Leo & Sonny, yes, I know that Sonny was involved with the romp, but still, without the trap that was set up there wouldn’t have been the photos, much less the content of the photos, they were the ones that had gotten the content of the photos by setting the trap, so when they had gotten the content of the photos by committing entrapment & that they did play up that it was the alias that filed the charges.

    I’m not buying at all that Abigail would be murdered, think about it, wouldn’t the ghastly death that befalls her get extreme backlash, especially, with having Jack & Jennifer learning of their daughter’s murder & with the ghastly death, do you really think that putting it on Daytime would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the line, given the backlash they had gotten for Will’s murder.

    Then this: How exactly is the blame on Chad & Sonny for all of it, Leo was the one that married Jackie Cox, that started the catalyst for Chad to fly Jackie to Salem, so how exactly does every story work?

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