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    Chad calls and says Sonny hi!! He says its been a long time. Chad heard about the IPO, wants to come visit to say congrats in person – you don’t mind? Chad is happy, says he will be there in no time


    September 2 Episode
    begins with John and Marlena at home he’s pouring her coffee “thank you darling”
    John says it’s been a hectic couple of days, marrying Ben and Ciara and Claire bear headed to South Africa. He can’t wait for the holiday weekend. She says she took off till Tuesday
    John hopes Marlena penciled him in for a little something. “I penciled you in for all of it!” He says I like the way you think and they kiss.
    John gets a call from Shane
    Gabi and Jake waking up in bed, he’s kissing her but she says no no it’s your first day of work. He thanks her for welcoming him to work and she says don’t expect sex on Philips desk every day
    Gabi looks on her tablet and sees that Jake getting hired at Titan made the front page
    Jake jokes the DiMeras are choking on their scones. Chad is reading the news about Jake and Tony walks in. He asks if he wants a scone
    Tony is looking for Anna. Chad says she took off burning rubber. Anna upset, at the pub to see Roman “life as we know it could change forever”
    Lani sitting at the kitchen table and Eli comes out asking why she set his alarm. She says did you forget – breakfast at Auntie P’s
    Paulina talking to Tamara and saying she’s back in everyone’s good graces and doesn’t want anyone to find out she lied about being Lani’s mom. Abe walks out and asks what was that all about?
    Eli wants to cancel on breakfast and Lani says we can’t hurt Paulina. Abe says he heard Paulina say “I can’t lose him.” She lies and says it’s her new hairdresser
    Paulina had a chef coming to make everyone breakfast but he can’t make it. Abe says they can cook and they kiss
    Gabi talking about sabotaging Philip and she wants to crush DiMera with a vengeance
    Gabi says the DiMeras are so arrogant they won’t see them coming. Tony leaving a message for Anna. He muses a little mystery is good for a marriage
    Chad says at least your wife is in the same city. Tony is surprised he hasn’t heard from Abby. Chad says he promised he wouldn’t call her and so much for the holiday weekend, jack took the kids to the lake for the weekend. He says he has plenty of work
    Anna says our daughter needs us. “It’s her marriage – it’s flatlining. Code blue
    Carrie called Anna and said she and Austin had a terrible fight. Anna says we have to get to Zurich right now
    Shawn needs Black Patch and wants John and Steve in Zurich right away. An unhappy Marlena says “there goes our weekend
    Lani and Eli are dressed, the babies are still asleep. He says she looks so fine and she says save that thought for tonight. He can think of a bunch of stuff to do that’s better than going to Paulinas
    Abe says breakfast smells delicious. Abe offers to be her sous chef. She gives him a “kiss the chef” apron and they laugh
    Steve can’t go he’s Justin’s best man. Marlena says looks like you lost your partner. They talk about Justin and Bonnie and forgiveness. John says that’s the power of love and kisses Marlena “I love you
    Jake wants to fill around while Gabi wants him to get to work. Tony knows how difficult this is for Chad but he knows how much Chabby love each other. He tells him be patient. Chad says he’s not a patient man
    Chad wonders how he can get thru each day when he wakes up without Abby. Tony says he’s not as pretty as Abby but he’s good company. Chad says thanks but he has an early meeting and thanks Tony for listening
    Roman says why do we have to go to Zurich, did Carrie say she needs us? Anna says she can read between the lines
    Anna back with Tony, she asks why is he taking Roman’s side? He says he’s not but what if she gets there and Caustin are fine? Or not ok and she makes it worse? She says she would never forgive herself if she doesn’t go
    Anna says her daughter is in trouble and she has to pack and she has no idea when she is coming back. Tony tells her wait -he is going too. He’ll book their flight. She smiles at him
    So you want to go play spy with me in Zurich?” Marlena says you’ve told me I have helped you in the past and we are a good team. “And in 2017 I went to Europe and tracked down Stefano by myself!” She’s so proud
    John tells her she is beautiful and brave and…”looks like you and I are going to Zurich!” They both laugh and hug
    Paulina invited Elani on a trip but Lani isn’t sure about taking the babies on a trip already. Paulina says Julie and Doug have been dying to babysit and Lani’s maternity leave ends Monday so this is their chance for a romantic weekend
    Eli says you are very hard to say no to. Paulina says thats the idea lol. Lani decides lets do it and Paulina says “Miami here we come
    Elani dropped the twins off and are home. Lani says she misses the babies already. Eli says they are going to Miami, he is going to kiss her under the moonlight and will have his undivided attention
    Lani says its the first time Eli has been to her hometown, she wants to show him all her favorite places
    Lani has a bikini she has been waiting to wear all summer. Eli can’t wait to see her in it – and out
    Paulina on the phone with Chanel, she can’t go to Miami. Paulina says the jet is wheels up in one hour, Abe better pack. She thinks he is not excited about the trip
    Abe thinks this is very extravagant and very impulsive. Paulina says that’s who she is. She is happy, everyone has forgiven her and she sees love and joy ahead
    Paulina wants to show Abe where she grew up with Big Mama and Tami and see it thru Abe’s eyes. Abe says he wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world
    Jake and Gabi walking in HTS and he thinks Gabi was a little hard on Chad. She says he deserved it, Chad and EJ and Philip get handed everything and they work for it
    Chad gets to the pub, Roman asks how its going. Chad hopes Roman can help him with something – he wants to take a weekend trip to Phoenix, has Roman talked to Will lately
    Roman says he talked to Will the other day and Will mentioned that he and Sonny were missing family and friends
    Roman wants pics, especially of Ari
    Chad calls and says Sonny hi!! He says its been a long time. Chad heard about the IPO, wants to come visit to say congrats in person – you don’t mind? Chad is happy, says he will be there in no time

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