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    Days of Our Lives 7/22/21
    begins with Nicole drinking and looking at the smashed pic. Philip knocks and she calls it’s not a good time. She lets him in and tells him eric left. Philip isn’t surprised

    Nicole says it was so nice to have family and friends there to enjoy the show. She asks if he wants a drink? It must be time in Africa. Philip says he has something for her and she says if it’s not a drink she doesn’t want it

    Philip gives her the letter and says you can blow up Sami’s marriage

    Lucas at the fireplace in the mansion having a fb of taking the letter. Sami comes in and asks what the hell he is doing there

    Ciara says she and Theo are getting married today come hell or high water. Shawn gets a text and says don’t be so sure about that

    Claire and Ben talking about how he has to take Ciara to the cabin to remember

    Theo got a call from Chad who has to go to NY for work. Abe says he would step in to be his best man but then there’d be no one to marry them. Theo says it seems like there’s something really off about this wedding

    Ben doesn’t want Claire to help she could be charged with aiding and abetting. She says what if I want to abet? She wants to help cause Ciara has PTSD and is making a huge mistake

    Claire thinks if Ciara gets her memories and is married to Theo she can’t divorce him cause he’ll be devastated

    Belle had to go to NY cause there’s a crisis at DiMera

    Shawn suggests Ciara wait and she says dammit Shawn she said no

    EJ and Belle working, he’s sorry he is keeping her from the wedding. They talk about business being cutthroat and belle says same as Sami. She’s the same conniving bitch she’s always been

    Lucas says a cheery good morning to you too! He wants to talk to her. Sami says they don’t have anything to talk about. Lucas says Philip told him she was amazing

    Lucas says Sami brought Nicole to her knees. “That’s a position she’s familiar with.” “That’s funny. It’s not nice but it’s funny.”

    Sami denies doing anything and then finally admits Lucas knows her and her schemes. He says he’s choking on the hypocrisy – she did the same thing

    Lucas says he’s not like Sami – he almost told EJ everything. Nicole reading the letter out loud. Philip says now you’re getting to the good part.

    Philip tells her how Kristen blackmailed Lumi into getting chloe out of the pic. Nicole asks why he is giving it to her. He says to screw EJ of course but also to help Lucas

    Philip knows she can play dirty. He is going to leave her the letter and let her decide what to do

    EJ says Sami’s tactics are extreme but she was protecting Eric she’s not a conniving bitch. Belle says come on she will stop at nothing. She let Jan Spears out at the custody hearing

    EJ says let’s just get back to business. Belle says fine. It never ceases to amaze her how a man as clinical and Machiavellian as EJ never sees Sami for who she is

    Theo says Allie didn’t seem thrilled about being MOH but Theo says Ciara would fall apart if he backed out. Lani suggest Eli as a best man

    Eli calls Lani and starts to ask him and then says ok I’ll let him know. Eli can’t come to the wedding

    Ciara says she is tired of Shawn’s running commentary. He says ok he’s done. Allie comes in and Ciara bitches at her for stopping for croissants. Then tells her she doesn’t want to hear one word about her last wedding – not one

    Ben and Ciara making a plan – he’s gonna zoom in on his bike and grab her and take off. Claire says that’s toxic masculinity. Ben says but her dad did it! Claire says yeah back in the dark ages

    Claire says she can’t help cause she’s not invited. Ben thinks of someone else

    Ben says what about Allie she knows this wedding is a bad idea too. Claire doesn’t think Allie will help him be might turn him in.

    Ciara asks Shawn to go, she doesn’t want him standing there judging her. Then she apologizes for being a bitch

    Shawn is sorry and hopes she and Theo are happy, they deserve it

    Ciara says let’s get this show on the road as Allie fixes her hair. Lani offers to be Theo’s “best woman

    Abe tells Lani he’s worried about this Ciara sounds fragile

    Belle says that should do it, she has a wedding to get to. EJ thanks her and is sorry about her history with Sami but he thinks Sami just wanted Eric to know the truth

    Belle asks how would Sami feel if someone did the same thing to her

    Completely bizarre shot of EJ on the phone while he’s half in a plant Nicole knocks on the door

    Allie tells Ciara she looks perfect and Ciara tears up. She’s felt like she was looking behind her since the hospital and now she’s looking forward. Allie asks about you sure and Ciara says today is NOT about Ben

    Ciara goes to fix her makeup and Ben calls Allie, he needs her help

    Lucas told Sami her loves her and hates EJ cause he mistreats her. Rafe understands he was in the same boat. But he will keep her secret. She cries and says thank you so much and he says he’ll do it cause he loves her so much

    EJ tells Nicole if she’s looking for tea and sympathy she’s come to the wrong place. She was the one who married Francis of Assisi and screwed around with beezlebub

    EJ is being tough with Nicole, telling her it’s pathetic to blame Sami. EJ tells her go spill your guts to Chloe she’s good at pity parties, years of experience. He tells Nicole she is embarrassing herself

    Nicole says well she’s having more fun than she thought she would. EJ says he’s calling security and Nicole pulls out the letter

    EJ asks where Nicole got that? She hands him the letter and says read it and weep

    EJ reads the letter and makes a fist. He asks if she read it? She says yep I am an adulterer and a snoop. EJ snarls it’s not funny

    Nicole says at least you found out in the privacy of your office not at the pub in front of everyone

    Shelle Abe Lani Theo arrive at the chapel. Allie agrees to help she knows this wedding is not a good idea. Ciara asks who she was talking to

    Claire says everyone is going to look for Ciara when she doesn’t show up but Claire has an idea. No one would look if the bride is standing right there

    Allie says problem with the babysitter she has to run home for a second but will meet her at the church

    Ciara looks in the mirror and says “and she lives happily ever after”

    Sami says Lucas, I appreciate what you’re doing but I don’t want you and EJ to run into each other. Lucas tells her if and when things go wrong “I will always be there for you.” He leaves and Sami cries

    EJ quietly tells nicole you’ve done what you set out to do, you can go. She leaves and he sweeps everything off his desk screaming. He picks up the phone and shouts he needs Kristen’s phone number now

    Ciara remembers Ben telling her he saved her and she tells herself no, Ben means nothing to me

    Ben in a suit and tie looking at their wedding pic. He heads out. Claire is already gone

    Lucas gets to the pub and sees Philip. Philip has a confession to make. Nicole looking at her wedding pic says you destroyed my marriage let’s see how you like it

    Sami smiles at EJ and asks what are you doing home so early? He says he had an urge to come home to his faithful wife

    Theo lifts the veil and its Claire. She says surprise. Ciara in the backseat of a car she says driver you missed the turn. Ben says cause we aren’t going there – happy anniversary

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