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    Monday, June 27
    Sami interrupts a steamy moment between Belle and EJ.
    Rafe wonders if Nicole is getting cold feet about their wedding.
    Roman urges Eric to make his feelings known to Nicole before it’s too late.
    Marlena and John comfort Chad over Abigail’s death.

    Chad is alone at the townhouse, very upset. Marlena comes in and sees him. She sits with him and tells him she spoke to Belle. She puts her arm around him and said she knows he told the children about Abby

    Nicole came to see Rafe at the PD

    Lucas is looking at the ring. Kate is at his door and sees the room is a mess

    EJ opens the door to Sami

    Lucas is panicked over Abby’s stolen jewelry

    Chad. I spoke to Belle. She said you had told the children about Abigail.”

    Sami asks why Belle is there. Belle defends EJ. Sami wants to know what mess EJ has gotten himself into. Belle tells Sami that he hasn’t and that she’s staying there

    Lucas told Kate that Sami went to get the divorce papers signed

    Sami: “Let me get this straight, you and Shawn are separated and Jan Spears had his baby.

    EJ said Belle is more than just his attorney

    Roman is sorry that Kate put Eric on the spot

    Nicole thinks it’s hard for Rafe to work on this case while he’s still grieving Abby

    Nicole told Rafe that she went to Abe’s wedding

    Chad said he read a few articles but it all went out the window when he sat down and saw their little faces. Marlena told Chad he is a fabulous dad

    Marlena thinks Chad said the right things. Chad doesn’t know. He said Thomas gets it but Charlotte kept asking for Mommy

    Rafe is happy to hear about Abe and Paulina

    Roman thinks time has passed and wonders if Eric and Nicole could work things out

    Kate is pushing Lucas about why he “let” Sami leave

    Lucas is going to propose today. Kate asks if he thinks this is the right time

    EJ told Sami that Belle has become a good friend to him. Flashback to kissing when Abby was killed and running to help Chad

    Belle told Sami that Chad is at John and Marlena’s and told the kids their mother died

    Marlena said there is no right or wrong way to tell a child and that she would never tell him how to do it. She said he’s a kind, intuitive man and a wonderful father. She offers to talk to the kids. Chad is grateful

    The kids are with John playing with a race car set Jack and Jennifer brought over

    John comes out, and kisses Marlena. He tells them Thomas and Charlotte are on lap 500 of the DiMera Grand Prix. Marlena goes to be with the kids. John stays with Chad

    Sami said she knows what it’s like to tell your kid their parent isn’t coming home. Then she gives EJ the divorce papers to sign

    John offered Chad a beer after a long day. Chad wants to stay present for the kids. John sits with him and says he knows it’s not always helpful to tell someone you’ve been through a similar situation

    John said he used to resent it when people did it to him. John told Chad about how Isabella died when Brady was a baby. John said he knew he just had to be there for Brady and slowly his life filled up with Belle and Doc and the kids

    Chad said he didn’t get to say goodbye to Abby

    Sami told EJ and Belle that she was marrying Lucas

    Lucas said Kate thinks he’s going to snap and end up on a mental institution like his brother

    Lucas is crying that Sami is never going to find out that he kidnapped her

    Kate gave Lucas his blessing and undying support for this bad idea for a wedding

    EJ and Sami are arguing over him being the kidnapper

    Sami: “What I know for sure and no one will ever change my mind, you are the one that kidnapped me

    Chad is talking about how Abby wanted to go to Boston that night and that he talked her out of it. He’s blaming himself

    Chad said Abby said “What difference would a day make?” Chad said it turns out it makes all the difference in the world

    Chad told John that Abby would still be alive if he didn’t take the kids to that movie. John is trying to reassure him it’s not his fault

    John asked what the last thing they said to each other. Chad is crying and said she told him that she loved him. They’re both crying

    Chad said the way she looked at him and said it, the smile melted his heart. Chad is saying he took the time they had together for granted and he wouldn’t have wasted so much time

    John told Chad that Abby knew how much he loved her “She knew. She knew, kid.” Chad cries and John hugs him

    EJ sings the papers. Sami leaves and tells Belle to watch out she doesn’t get chained up in the basement

    John asked Chad for the last thing they said to each other to get Chad to hold onto that memory

    Marlena comes in and sits with John and Chad. Thomas is focused on the race car set. Charlotte asked Marlena if it were true her mommy had died

    Marlena rocked and held Charlotte and then she was back in denial knowing her mommy would be home

    Marlena offers to keep the kids because it’s getting close to bedtime and they’re playing nicely now. John: “We love those kids.

    Marlena asked Chad to stay as well. John and Marlena insist he wouldn’t be imposing. He cries and says thank you

    Nicole sees Eric at her door. Rafe comes with champagne. Rafe and Nicole got married at the courthouse

    Sami tells Lucas she got the divorce papers. Lucas gets the ring and proposes “Samantha Gene Brady, will you marry me? Again?” She says yes. They’re engaged!

    EJ said Sami will be Lucas’s problem and she almost pities him. He goes to kiss Belle and she asks what he’s doing

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