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    Days of our Lives
    Wednesday, June 22, 2022

    Abe and Paulina’s celebration is rocked by a stunning reveal.
    Julie devises a plan to save the day.
    Nicole and Eric share a close moment.
    Johnny and Allie bicker over Chanel.

    Days begins with Lani confessing as Paulina says no, don’t cover for me. She says she pulled the trigger and Julie says who cares who shot him, he deserved it!

    Abe says if its self defense thats justifiable! Lani says thats not how it went down. Lani is explaining to them as we see the fb of the shooting

    Ray walked past Lani smirking as she explains

    Eli tries to stop her from talking as she looks at Ray’s ghost

    Lani is explaining that Paulina checked on Abe as she checked on Ray but it was too late, he was dead. She realized she killed her father. Ray smiles.

    Lani cries Ray has been haunting him day and night. Abe asks how this happened and Lani says it was the night Ciara’s baby was kidnapped. Allie, already in tears, looks devastated

    Julie shouts I sent Abe to check on Paulina! Eli and Paulina are trying to shut Lani up but she keeps talking. Abe says to Paulina you covered for her out of love?

    Lani cries I am guilty!! Ray is gone

    Theo sits with Olivia. Lani apologizes to Eli, then to Abe and Paulina for doing it during their wedding. Chanel comes over and says its ok, we love you

    Kate thinks they should leave and Roman says we are all in this together now. Lani wants everyone to stay and enjoy the party, she is going to turn herself in

    Eli says he will go with her and Julie cries no! And makes a speech. Go away

    Julie cries a mother protects her children and Paulina says yes, thats what she was doing. Lani says its too late and Julie says no, we will take a vow. Eli looks around – a vow to keep this secret

    Julie asks everyone to raise their hands that they’ll take this secret to their grave. Even Abe does but Kate hesitates. She hesitantly raises her hand as everyone does except Eric. He finally does

    Lani cries in Eli’s arms

    Everyone is standing with their hands raised and Lani says she is deciding for herself. She shot an unarmed man and she has to answer for it. Julie cries no you don’t and Lani hugs her and then her grandmother, Dad, etc

    Lani says confessing this is the first night she has felt right since the shooting. She asks Eli to drive her to the station

    Paulina wants to go with her and Abe says there is nothing any of us can do for her

    Allie touches Chanel’s shoulder and asks about boxing up the cake. Johnny walks up, offers to help too

    Eric takes Nicole’s arm, asks if she is ok? She says she grew up seeing her father abuse her mom almost every day and thats when Abe came into her life, all those calls he took coming to her house

    Nicole says she and Lani made the same decision. Eric says she didn’t shoot her father. Nicole says she willed him to die, except she has no regrets

    Eric asks if this brought up all those emotions? Nicole says it did

    Paulina is sitting with everyone, saying she had to watch Lani grow up from a distance, now Lani won’t be there for her kids. They remember about the babysitter and Theo and Julie go to relieve the babysitter

    Paulina asks Big Mama how she is and Olivia says I still have something to say about what you did

    Lani writes out her confession. She asks a devastated Eli why he isn’t saying anything. He says, voice full of tears, “I don’t know how to live without you”

    She says don’t make this harder. Eli says is it harder – good! Once she signs this she can’t go back. Eli thinks he doesn’t have a right to ask her this but if she won’t do it for Paulina, do it for him and their kids

    Eli says we can rip up this statement right now and pretend it never happened

    Nicole and Eric get to the pub with food as Roman tells there where to put it down. Roman and Kate go in the back and Roman thanks Nicole for her help. Eric thanks her for helping him take the food to the shelter

    Nicole says she went to St Lukes every day when she was a secretary there, feels like a lifetime ago. Eric jokes its too recent for him. Nicole says at least you can joke about it

    Eric says he has to accept it and move on – its God’s will

    Kate says another ruined wedding for Abe and Paulina. Roman says at least they made it official. Kate feels for Lani, its an impossible situation. She asks what Roman what he thinks will happen to Lani

    Roman says it will be hard for her to keep her badge. Kate points out Ray was an abuser but Roman says Trask might make an example of her

    Kate asks isn’t it exculpatory that Lani wasn’t in her right mind? Roman jokes is she studying law books at bedtime? She smiles he knows exactly what she is doing at bedtime.

    Nicole says she should get going and Eric asks her to stay for lunch. Nicole hesitates and then her stomach growls and they both laugh then wham warm Eric heart eyes

    Johnny and Allie and Chanel carry the cake back into the apartment and Johnny feels bad, he brought TR to town

    Chanel says she doesn’t feel any better that Paulina is off the hook because now its her sister

    Julie and Theo, she talks about them helping with the kids till Lani can come home

    Paulina tells Olivia go ahead, I know you have something to say. Olivia says she has never been more proud of Paulina – she gave up Lani to protect her and Abe points out now she is doing it again

    Paulina thanks them but says she lied to them, and to Abe after she promised not to. Abe says he wasn’t completely in the dark

    Lani can’t let all those people lie for her and anyway, it will come out. Johnny was recording it even. She thinks there is no turning back now

    Paulina asks what Abe means? Olivia says she will give them time alone. Abe explains about remembering something when he woke up in the hospital

    Abe explains he heard Paulina say “What have you done

    Abe said he talked to Eli but Eli assured him Lani was innocent. They think Lani already told Eli the truth and he was protecting his wife

    Abe says he chose to believe it because he didn’t want this outcome. Eli asks if she has thought about how long she could be locked up? She cries she knows

    Lani wants to be an example to them. Eli says she is, she doesn’t have to go to prison for them. Lani says she has been in prison since it happened

    Lani asks about the badge. Eli says we are people first. She says are you talking about me helping Kristen? He says yeah, you did it then, whats the difference now?

    Allie is cutting a piece of cake to freeze for their first anniversary as Johnny asks what she is doing

    Johnny never heard of hat tradition, he wonders if they do that in Italy? Allie asks why did you say that? Johnny talks lovingly about their wedding in Italy as Allie tries to fake a smile and hide her eyeroll lol

    Nicole mentions about postponing their wedding cause Rafe is busy. They mentioned Abigail. Kate toasts to Eric take it as a sign that life is short and you should be getting your happiness when its right in front of you

    Nicole says the wedding is only postponed and Kate smirks thats not what I was getting at. Kate says its a sign that the wedding is postpone and Eric is on the market lol

    Roman tells Kate we talked about this, you are stirring the pot. Nicole says this is embarrassing plus you are presuming that Eric wants to be with me which he does not. Kate asks “have you asked him?” Eric gives Roman a look

    Nicole says of course she hasn’t asked Eric that. Kate sips her wine and says I’ll ask him! Nicole says for Gods sake as Kate asks and Roman chides her

    Kate says you haven’t given your answer!! Eric says Nicole is capable of making her own decisions. Kate says “so you aren’t going to answer. Duly noted!”

    Paulina wants to take Olivia home but Olivia says its your wedding night, plus there is somewhere else we need to be right now

    Johnny asks why he is getting the patented Allie Horton death glare and they start to bicker and Chanel interrupts. She says lets have some cake but then gets a text and says she has to go

    Theo is so sorry about Abigail. Remember how much he loved her when he was little? Julie cries she adored her. But not as much as creepy Nick

    Theo gets a text and says he has to step out for a while

    Lani is saying she is a murderer and a hypocrite. Eli says TR hurt your family. Lani talks about holding cops to a higher standard. Eli says she is a great cop

    Eli says look at me – you are an ever better mother, wife, daughter.

    Lani doesn’t want to be separated from him or the kids but like she said, she wants Jules and Carver to be able to say their mother did the right thing. Eli asks if she is sure this is the right thing

    Lani says it doesn’t mean that she is not scared, the thought of being away from Eli….she loves him so much. He comes around the table and takes her into his arms

    Eli tells Lani I love you “I will be by your side the whole time. We’ll get thru this together”

    Nicole has to go pick up Holly. Eric walks her out. Roman shakes his head at Kate. He asks what the hell that was all about

    Kate says everything is so gloom and doom, she wanted to try to be a matchmaker. Roman says she doesn’t even like Nicole! She says its obvious they still love each other

    Eric apologizes outside the pub, he didn’t put Kate up to that. Nicole knows he would never do that. He thanks her for her help again and she says ok, we will talk soon. Eric say soon! “….and I’ll look out for the wedding invite”

    Allie and Johnny are bickering over cake. Johnny is surprised Allie didn’t knock someone over to catch the bouquet

    Allie thinks its a sign that Chanel wanted to catch the bouquet. Johnny thinks maybe, but she wants to marry him. Allied says she isn’t making this a competition. Johnny says may the best twin win

    A shot of Julie in the apartment cause why is she in this story again?

    Lani signs the typed statement and Eli says Rafe is going to let him escort Lani to booking

    Eli asks if she is ready and Lani says as ready as she will ever be

    Olivia Paulina Abe Chanel and Theo are at the PD. Lani asks what they are doing there? Paulina says “family covers you with love and in prayer.” Chanel says we got you Lani

    Lani says I know how much you sacrificed for me Paulina….”Mom.” She hopes Paulina doesn’t think she threw it all away. Theo says you are living your truth and Olivia says its the only way to live free

    Lani tells everyone she loves them and she hugs them. Eli walks Lani away as everyone holds hands and cries. End

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