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    Friday 22 April 2022
    A possessed Allie plays mind games with Johnny.
    Ben and Ciara come up with a name for their baby.
    Tripp and Chanel bond over their heartache.
    Paulina kisses Abe.Also Friday, per Digest: Clyde meets with EJ.

    begins with Ben giving Ciara a foot rub. He says its the least he can do, she is putting up with her dad. Clyde comes in with tons of blue balloons and has name ideas.

    “What do you think about Clyde Benjamin Weston Jr? //my opin….BARF//

    Lani talking to fake coma Eli. She says she talked to Jules who said “soon Dada home?

    Lani says the twins miss him so much, and so does she. She cries please wake up, she doesn’t know how to go on without him

    Tripp hands Lani a tissue

    Paulina trying to get a crying baby to sleep. “Grandma Paulina needs a glass of wine.”

    Paulina calls TR and gets his voicemail. She says you said you would help, where are you? TR is passed out in bed with a needle on the floor

    Beth is at the D Mansion looking for Johnny. EJ tells her Johnny left town. An exhausted Johnny is calling for help and Chanel comes in and says “I’m here G

    Ben says that sounds….Ciara says it would have to be the third because he is your grandson and the third sounds like he would be made fun of

    They ask if Clyde has plans and he says no, tomorrow night then realizes they want alone time so he leaves

    EJ says Johnny left a letter that he went back to Italy

    Beth is surprised Johnny left without talking to the cast. EJ says he didn’t talk to any of his family either

    Lani asks Tripp if there is any change? He says he is sorry. Tripp used a Glasgow scale to rate coma patients and Eli’s hasn’t changed

    Lani wasn’t expecting a change but it was nice of Tripp to explain it to her – she is appreciative of how generous he has been with his care and time, after Allie and Chanel

    Johnny is telling Chanel to find a key but Chanel is telling him about Allie and the cake. “I have been tied up in for forever and you are talking about freaking cake?

    Chanel says the devil is in Allie. Johnny says yes, he knows! And there is more to tell her, he still loves her, he never stopped. Chanel is sorry but Johnny says it was him. Not really him but its not her fault

    Chanel says she will find keys and suddenly we hear the devil laughing. AlDevil says “gotcha”

    Paulina hears a knock an shouts come in. She is surprised to see Abe. He says she looks like she was expecting someone else. She says Ray was supposed to help her

    Abe found Jules’ pacifier and Paulina is so thrilled, she hopes Jules will sleep now. Abe says she likes when I sing My Girl

    Paulina jokes you can’t sing but when the baby cries she says go for it

    Beth knocks on TR’s door and rouses him. He asks what the hell got into her?

    Beth realizes TR is high as a kite

    Lani says Chanel feels terrible that Tripp got hurt in all this. Tripp feels bad too, he said mean things to Chanel and its not her fault

    Beth says Paulina won’t want him to blow her money on a movie. A high TR says he can fix that problem, same way he got rid of his daughter’s cop husband. Beth asks what that means?

    Paulina yawns and says this is exhausting, maybe she doesn’t have what it takes to be a grandma. Abe says thats not true. She is so worried about Eli and thanks Abe for coming by. They hug and kiss

    Beth knew TR was lying and he was the one who shot the cop. TR shouts keep your mouth shut, learn your lines and leave the rest to him. He remembers he was supposed to be a Paulina’s two hours ago

    Beth leaves and rolls her eyes “my God in heaven

    Abe pulls back from the kiss and says he is sorry! Abe says part of him will always love her but he just doesn’t want his heart broken again. Paulina understands, she pushed too hard just now

    Abe says it doesn’t mean she can’t call anytime, he will drop everything at any time to help her

    Abe stands to leave and says good night. Paulina smiles as he leaves but looks upset when the door closes

    Johnny says you bastard! AlDevil says last time you broke her heart she slept with Allie, who knows what she will do this time

    AlDevil says she has to go check on her baby. Johnny shouts don’t hurt Henry! She says not that baby you idiot

    AlDevil says its time to get rid of Ben

    Ben talks about when Ciara brought up having a baby and he was freaking out but now its one of the two best things that ever happened to him

    Ben remembers they wanted to name the baby Bo and Ciara would really like that. Bo – something – Weston. She asks if he is ok with that? he says yes

    Allie says don’t worry about Ben, you should be worried about Chanel. She shows Johnny what Chanel and Tripp are doing – Chanel is crying to Tripp that Allie and Johnny both hurt her

    Tripp says he is off work now and Chanel says why the hell not. Allie doesn’t think Johnny will like the next part but keep watching. She leaves

    TR knocks and Paulina says finally, two hours late. He comes in and she snarks your timing is great, the twins are asleep. He lies he was stuck on a conference call. She says whatever.

    TR can tell she is upset. He asks if its Eli? She says no he is the same. Abe stopped by and she made a fool of herself

    Abe is with Lani, he brought her food and a vanilla milkshake. She says its so hard to keep seeing Eli like this. Abe says she doesn’t have to be there all the time

    Lani says she spends as much time as she can with the kids but she feels like when they are asleep she needs to be with Eli. She starts to cry

    Clyde was thinking about EJ’s offer. EJ says it was just an offer to leave town. Clyde is tired of working for minimum wage at the pub – he has an idea. He will do all the legwork, EJ can be a silent partner

    Clyde was thinking about EJ’s offer. EJ says it was just an offer to leave town. Clyde is tired of working for minimum wage at the pub – he has an idea. He will do all the legwork, EJ can be a silent partner

    Ben wishes he had met Bo. Ciara misses him more nd more every day but she can feel him watching over them

    Allie is at the door. Allie says she feels bad about the party cake so she wants to make it up to them

    Ciara says the party cake was not her fault. Allie knows it was Chanel’s but still. She knows its hard to sleep and Ciara says she it’s so hard to get comfortable. Allie brought some tea she drank with she was pregnant with Allie. She smirks as she makes them a cup

    Clyde says he is not that devious and EJ says he is losing his edge, and that country charm doesn’t work on him. Clyde says the deal they made still stands, he watches EJ’s back as long as EJ keeps his mouth shut about the shooting

    Beth brings flowers to Eli, she hopes she is not interrupting

    Abe tells Lani if she needs anything to call. They say ILY and he leaves. Beth gives her the flowers but Lani is confused why she is there

    Paulina says she was embarrassed. She thought there was a chance Abe could get past what he did but he’s never going to trust her again. TR understands

    TR knows it will be hard to earn Paulina’s trust again but he hopes its possible. He would do anything to make it up to her

    Johnny watching Tripp and Chanel drink – Chanel toasts to the evil twins, they deserve each other

    Chanel wants to do another round, Tripp says doesn’t seem sensible but she says so what. Tripp agrees, so what. He makes another toast to having fun. A tipsy Chanel says having fun is the best thing

    Ciara says she normally doesn’t like herbal tea but this is good. She already feels sleepy so she excuses herself. Ben helps her into the bedroom

    Allie tells herself its time to get down to business. She takes a vial out of her purse “once I get rid of daddy I will have mommy all to myself”

    Beth couldn’t stop thinking about Eli, she had just met with him right before he got shot. She feels so bad for him, he was such a nice guy

    Beth remembers finding out TR shot Eli. I love same episode flashbacks. Beth says there is something she has to tell Lani

    TR says he wants to prove he is not the man who hurt her – he wants another chance. He kisses Paulina

    Chanel and Tripp are drunk and giggly. He wipes something off her mouth and says she looks amazing, An upset Johnny watches them kiss

    EJ says Clyde can go. He says he promised his son he would give him a night alone and this town rolls up the sidewalks at 9 PM. He turns on the tv and EJ sighs

    Allie puts something in Ben’s tea and he comes out and says Ciara is sleeping like a baby. She says he will love how this makes him feel. End.

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