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    Days of our Lives
    Friday, November 12, 2021

    The Devil comes up with a new way to destroy Marlena and John’s love.
    Steve tells Kayla he thinks something isn’t right about John’s disappearance.
    Gwen tries to trick Melinda into giving back Xander’s money.
    Chad and Abigail finally put the past behind them.

    From the Tweeter: I’m here for Days. I don’t know how much I’ll live tweet–looking at other links, he seems to have skipped some stuff…
    Steve called Shane about John
    The cat is back! “She always did like you.”
    Chad and Abby are talking about Gwen being out of their lives. Abby feels badly for Jack. She didn’t intend to take Gwen from him
    Xander is trying to convince Jack to forgive Gwen
    Marlena isn’t returning Steve and Kayla’s calls
    Why are we surrounded by all these dead DiMeras?”
    Susan is trying to get Marlena to see that John is in agony and needs her
    “Let his love guide you out of the darkness.”
    Jack said there will always be a place for Gwen in his heart, but he doesn’t think he can forgive Gwen
    Susan is trying to pray for John and Marlena
    John is trying to get through to Marlena. He reminded her that it’s their wedding anniversary “Well, I’m gonna make you a vow right now. With every last breath in my body I’m not giving up and neither should you
    John broke through to Marlena, who is stunned and unsteady and horrified at what she did to John. And, we have possessed Susan!
    Chad said that whatever happens to Gwen from here is on her. It’s not Abby’s fault
    Chad said that he knew that Abby didn’t try to hurt the baby on purpose. He is apologizing for everything
    Chad is grateful that they know the truth and can finally start to heal
    The devil: “I don’t want to be in this body either.”
    “Your love continues to give Marlena strength, but I’m gonna do something about that.
    “Our love is too strong and we’re gonna beat you to your knees like we did all those years ago.”
    “You can kill me, but you’re never going to kill the love between Doc and me or the spirit of that love
    The devil thinks they have a better way of breaking Marlena’s spirit
    Chad knows that this didn’t magically solve their problems and they still have a lot of trust issues. Chad feels hopeful. Abby feels that way, too
    Abby said she felt like she was someone else for all those months
    Chad and Abby are bonding
    Chad said when he looks in Abby‘s eyes all he sees are beautiful blue skies
    The devil thinks that even Marlena isn’t immune to hate and wants John to betray his beloved Doc
    The devil seems to think they can break John and Marlena’s love down and that’s how the devil can keep Marlena forever. Good luck with that
    John saving Marlena usually gets the focus, but she tries to save him all the time, too
    Chad and Abby go to the bedroom kissing and undressing. She thanks him for not giving up on her. He says never
    Steve wants to listen to the recording. Kayla said no
    That transition was amazing! Morphs into Kreepy Kristen
    John vowed that he would never betray Marlena

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