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    Days of our Lives
    Thursday, November 11, 2021
    Philip goes into a downward spiral.
    Jake makes a deal with Melinda.
    Ava changes tactics to secure her freedom.
    Gwen is upset to learn of the sacrifice Xander made for her.
    begins with Philip drinking at home. He sits down and remembers overhearing Chloe and Brady talking about sex on the table.
    Philip squeezes the glass so hard it shatters.
    Chloe comes in and Brady is sitting at the at end of the table. She goes to set down papers and he makes a yucky face and says she missed a spot when she cleaned. She rolls her eyes and sprays it again
    Chloe says when she told Nicole and Rafe to get it all out on the table this is not what she meant
    Gabi ranting and raving why Jake isn’t set free yet. Jake says if he told anyone what happened the night before he would be in the loony bin. Trask walks in – she has a proposition – she will drop the charges on one condition
    Chloe cleans the table and says “ick.” Brady says there’s some irony here, when Rafe and Nicole were doing their thing Marlena was telling him to do the same thing
    Brady asks her to tell Philip that Brady was just helping her move in – he doesn’t need Philip going after him. She says she thinks Philip has changed and its better not to mention Brady to him
    Vic drinking “single malt with bromo – hits the spot” and he notices the broken glass. Philip says he asked Henderson to get someone to clean it up. Vic thinks its time Philip starting cleaning up his own messes
    Vic tells Philip that Trask told him about Philip and Ava, and he believed her.
    Trask says she is speaking to Jake, not Gabi. She says she and Vic made a deal and she wants Jake to say under oath that Philip was blackmailing her. Gabi interrupts – Vic will be neutralized
    Gabi says the charges against Jake are nothing – as tempting as this is its not a good idea to make an enemy of Victor. Trask snaps my offer is to your boyfriend – not you. Jake says he will take the deal
    Jack is sitting on the sofa thinking and Abby comes in. She wanted to check on him, she knows she blew him out of the water before. She asks what happened after she and Chad left
    Jack says Gwen begged him to understand. Jack says he told Gwen he would never understand Gwen putting Abby in that position and hopefully she got the message she is no longer welcome in this house
    Xander and Gwen eating, he can’t believe Jack meant all that. Gwen says he did – when I called him Dad he looked at me like he hated me
    Xander thinks thats what Abby wanted. Gwen says why wouldn’t Abby want that – I told her husband and father that me losing was my baby was her fault
    Gwen is having a pity party. Xander is telling her don’t talk about yourself like that.
    Gwen feels like she is incapable of loving anyone. X asks where does that leave us – best friends?
    Gwen says she is done with making people love her. She should have left town. X says but then she wouldn’t have him – he makes it worth it, right?
    Gwen says she wanted a family caring for her her entire life and the only person who would put everything on the line for her was him
    Gwen says Xander went to jail for him and almost cost him $1 million. He says almost doesn’t count. She says lets take the money and go to a deserted island and have sex on the beach all day. He says he can’t do that.
    A cop uncuffs Jake and Trask says she will get the offer ready. Jake tells Gabi he thought she was going to ruin the deal. She says she was trying to get a better one
    A policeman brings in Ava and cuffs her. Gabi mocks her and says she will never be back in her house again
    Vic asks Philip if he was going to put Ava in charge of GabiChic. Philip says yes because – Vic says because you are a moron! Philip says he had no choice.
    Vic says Philip was supposed to come to him when Gabi was going to take GabiChic but he didn’t – because he is a moron. Philip sighs you already said that. “Well here’s something I didn’t say – you’re fired.
    Abby didn’t want to make Jack hate Gwen, she just thought the sex worker thing was a lie so she made it her business to find out the truth.
    Jack says he treated Abby horribly. He says it galls him that Gwen has none for months that he never knew about Gwen and he forgave her for everything and still she came up with this vicious lie
    Jack is upset Abby left behind her beloved children or weeks because he and Chad believed Gwen’s vicious lies. He can’t stand what Gwen did to Abigail but he really can’t stand Gwen did it with Jack’s help. Abby protests, he didn’t and she is ok.
    Jack is crying (trying) and Abby says look at me, I am ok. He says “Thank God for you” and hugs Abby
    Jack cries you asked me about my relationship with Gwen – “she is still my daughter. I am not going to stop loving her. But the days of me asking you and JJ and your mother to accept her are over
    Jack says none of them have to have anything to do with Gwen ever again – she is his problem
    Xander says Trask kept his money and explains how Trask overheard Gwen’s lie and blackmailed him
    Gwen says Jack knows now and X points out he didn’t know that when he made the deal. Gwen says this is unbelievable, this is all her fault. X says its not like he earned it by the sweat of his brow – he can get his hand on another million somewhere
    Gabi mocks Ava about her Charlie story. She says Rafe knows you blackmailed me. Ava says you must have loved telling him that. Ava says Rafe didn’t care because he is as sick of you as I am. They sign the papers and leave as Ava rolls her eyes
    Philip says you just gave me stellar review weeks ago – who will take my place? Justin and Xander from jail? VIc says you are behind the times but it won’t be Justin – he is on his honeymoon
    Vic says Xander will never run Titan again. Philip says Brady – of course. First he steal my girlfriend, then my job. Vic asks what he is talking about?
    Chloe is heading out, she is going to call Philip and see if he wants to go to dinner. Brady gets a text from Kristen’s lawyer – she wants to see him
    Vic laughs so Brady slept with Chloe? He says Philip should have known it was bound to happen, at least he is out of Kristen’s clutches. He says his son and grandson dodged a female bullet
    Chloe asks why Kristen wants to see him? Brady says he has an idea
    Jake and Gabi get home and there’s still a outline of carmine on the floor. She mutters thought that would be cleaned up by now. She wonders how Ava is doing – no one will believe her about Charlie
    Trask brings in Ava’s typed up statement for her to sign and Ava crumples it up. She says it’s not true – she’s guilty. She stabbed Carmine and killed him
    Trask says so you are confessing – what’s the catch? Ava says look – I panicked. Trask mocks so you make up a totally unbelievable lie? She says tell me what did happen
    Ava says she was cooking and Carmine shows up – at the police commissioners door. She told Carmine she couldn’t help and when she tried to call Rafe Camine tried to strangle her with a dish towel.
    Carmine tries to show Trask a mark but Trask shakes her head no. Ava says it must have faded. Ava says she grabbed the knife to defend herself. Trask doesn’t believe a word of it
    Xander says he doesn’t care about the money. Gwen says look in my eyes and say that. He says well I do care but I am not walking out on you – this is my room ha ha
    X says Gwen is the best thing that has happened to him in a while. She says thats bloody sad
    Xander thinks Jack will come around. Gwen says no, you weren’t there today. There is no fixing this one. But she doesn’t want to let Trask get away with this
    Xander says Trask is using it for a good cause. Gwen snarks what – “the Melinda Trask retirement fund?
    Xander says she is using it to pay for attorneys for immigrants. She feels bad about how she treated her daughter – and he says Jack will too
    Brady thinks Kristen wants to see Rachel and he can’t let that happen. He had to explain to Rachel that Kristen is not taking her on a big trip. He says Kristen is like a line of cocaine – he is still in recovery
    Philip says you know how much Chloe means to me and you are happy Brady is with her? Vic says if it gets her away from you, yes. Philip shouts damn you
    I hope whoever takes over Titan tries to burns it to the ground. I hope you have to stand there looking at the flames as I throw gasoline on the fire!” Philip storms out.
    Jack asks how could Abby possibly want him to give Gwen another chance.
    Abby says after Gwen’s sonogram where she found out she lost the baby and came looking for Chad – maybe she would have told the truth if she found him instead of her
    Jack says Gwen has tried her hardest to tear this family apart and even if she has seen the error of her ways there is a choice to be made here, and its clear now because of Abby. He appreciates that she cares enough to help him see the truth
    Xander wants to go talk some sense into Jack. Gwen says it won’t work. Xander says he is doing this for Jack too, he doesn’t want to lose her and X will help him see that. He kisses Gwen and leaves
    Jake reminds her they lost their jobs. She says they will find a new partner for GabiChic. He hopes so but right now he can only focus on her. They kiss
    Ava says you don’t believe me – thats not my problem. Carmine is dead how is Trask going to make a murder charge stick. Ava says you know my family history – tread lightly. Trask asks if that is a threat?
    Ava says she knows about the law and if Trask brings charges Ava will walk and Trask will be humiliated. “If I were you I would be happy that Ava Vitali helped helped me bring the man who shot the mayor to justice – and that Kristen DiMera is behind bars”
    Jack asks whats Xander wants? Xander says a word about Gwen – and he is not leaving till Jack sees things his way
    Gwen is at the PD to see Trask – she wants to explain to her why she should give his money back
    Ava walks in on Jake and Gabi kissing and says do you too ever read or watch tv or just go at it like rabbits?
    Ava says thanks Gabs, you gave me the idea to make up another story and it worked
    That was how Ava got out of jail? What a joke.
    Brady dictates a text message – tell your client i don’t want to see her ever again. Chloe holds his sad hand
    Brady says Chloe soothed him, she is a good friend to him. She says back atcha. He says you may go now, have a nice dinner with Philip
    Philip is by their tree. He remembers planting it with Chloe and telling her it symbolizes him fixing the mistakes of his youth
    Philip remembers telling Chloe he hopes that could be the start of a new better beginning for them. He pulls the tree out of the ground angrily and does some bizarre growling breathing thing. End

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