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    Days of our Lives
    Monday, January 3, 2022

    Allie, Tripp, Chanel, and Johnny celebrate the New Year together.
    Sami suggests to Lucas that they leave town to rebuild their relationship.
    Kate stuns Roman with her confession.
    Steve and Kayla join John and Marlena for New Year’s Eve festivities.

    begins with Roman Kate and Stayla all together in the nameless bar for NYE
    They countdown and toast each other then the couples kiss for New Years. Steve jokes its me, not Marlena or the devil. She says its too soon to joke
    Happy New Year Doc. This is going to be the best year ever.” “Thanks to you we have this year and many more to come. You know I wouldn’t be here without your love.”
    John and Marlena kiss. Sami kisses Lucas and asks so what do you think? Lucas is thinking its going to be a great year – if she meant what she said? Sami says she meant every word
    Allie and Tripp kiss and say happy new year while Chanel waits. They turn and tell her HNY and she says something more important than her must be keeping johnny
    Johnny getting ready in his red jacket and he is the devil! “Oh Marlena – I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you realize I haven’t gone anywhere. Its gonna be a HELL of a new year!” Lucas asks what do you mean if I’ll have you? He tells her she knows how much he loves her, he always has. He asks this time is different tho, right? Sami says it is different
    Lucas asks this is about us right? Its not payback or revenge or the clock striking midnight? Sami kisses him and he says ok that was a good answer
    Sami says she felt so guilty about cheating on EJ that it blinded her to the truth. “You are my soulmate, you always have been
    Lucas is afraid, what if she changes her mind? Then he is nursing a broken heart and she goes back to EJ
    Kate and Kayla talk about how they didn’t always get along but Kayla can put that aside because Kate makes Roman happy
    Roman wants to hire Steve to find Philip
    Allie thinks maybe Johnny hasn’t forgiven her. Tripp wonders if he still feels sick? Chanel agrees, goes to check on him
    Johnny remembers the exorcism. John calling Doc, Doc and Marlena waking up free of the devil, crying “John, its me. You saved me. You all saved me”
    Sami cries in Johnny’s arms for a minute then goes to Marlena. Johnny raises his face and his eyes are yellow
    JoDevil tells himself “That sanctimonious family and all their drivel about love! They may have driven me out of Marlena but their grandson is all mine now!”
    Chanel comes in the room and Johnny turns towards her with his eyes normal. She asks if he is ok and he says yeah, fine. She was worried he wasn’t feeling well. He says it just took him a while to get dressed “how do I look?”
    Chanel says that suit is fire! She chides he missed the toast and their kiss. He says he lost track of time, but they can have their kiss now
    Kate tells Roman you don’t need to hire Steve to look for Philip. Steve tells them he is already on the case – Brady asked him to find Kristen and she might have answers about Philip. Kate’s not thrilled
    Sami knows this is out of nowhere and she can be impulsive but this time is different. Lucas “God, I hope so”
    Sami says she sees who EJ really is – the kind of man who kidnapped her. “I can’t love someone who would do that to me!” Lucas remembers kidnapping Sami
    Sami snaps Lucas! What’s wrong?
    Steve is explaining Brady’s theory that Kristen staged the whole thing with Brady and Philip. Roman mumbles something I legit did not understand
    Roman’s CC “generally her MO is not to kill”
    Steve says he will do whatever he can to bring Philip home. Kate says its a lot to absorb, she wants to call it a night
    Roman and Kate hug and Steve says if Philip is alive he will deliver him to Kate personally
    Roman tells Kate thats great news, if anyone can find Philip its Steve. Kate takes a breath and says she knows exactly what happened to Philip and where he is
    Allie and Tripp are kissing and she says this is the best new years ever. Johnny is kissing the hell out of Chanel and pulls her onto the bed. She laughs and says what are you doing? He says trying to make love to my wife!
    Chanel reminds Johnny he invited Tripp and Allie to stay and ring in the new year. Johnny pauses and says oh yeah. He shakes his head “I must have forgot.” She asks if he is sure he is ok?
    Johnny says he is fine, lets go celebrate this new year. He follows her out of the room but looks back for a moment, confused
    Lucas says there is nothing wrong! “Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for this moment?” He kisses Sami and says this is going to be the best year ever
    Sami knows it, she can trust Lucas, he is the best man she knows. He says don’t make me out to be a saint. She knows, but he was there for the whole Charlie Dale thing and when they were locked in the wine cellar he was there for her and comforted her
    Sami doesn’t want to waste another second – she wants to leave Salem – now
    Roman sits back and sighs – Kate told him the whole story. She says she and Victor are doing everything they can to get him the help that he needs. Roman says that is great but what about the people mourning Philip or worrying about them
    Kate is sorry but Philip has to be her number one concern. Roman asks why she didn’t tell him? She didn’t want to burden him or ask him to lie. Roman says she can come to him, he is there for her
    Kate says he knows now. Roman says yes but only because I forced your hand asking Steve to find Philip. Kate says we can go into the new year with no secrets between us but she says he can’t tell anyoneJohn is holding Marlena. She says “I have never felt safer than I have right now. I love you so much.” John says only half as much as he loves her
    There is a knock on the door and John groans. Marlena laughs it better be pizza. Its Stayla. Kayla gives Marlena a warm hug
    Marlena says John is filling her in on some things that happened. Her voices breaks as she says “I just owe you such a huge apology” Kayla says you don’t owe us anything
    Marlena says she couldn’t apologize enough. She doesn’t remember a lot of it, maybe thats a good thing Kayla and Steve exchange a look
    Kayla said Marlena had already apologized. Not sure when that happened
    Allie says maybe they should go home if Chanel and Johnny aren’t coming back down. Johnny walks in and says you don’t want to ring in the new year with your fav brother
    Tripp and Allie comment on his suit and he says its his best souvenir from Italy besides his wedding ring. He says he just had jet lag and he is sorry he missed the toast
    Allie makes a toast – to two of her fav people in the whole world, her brother and her sis-in-law. She hopes they have a very long and very happy marriage
    Lucas says he would do anything to be with her but they live here. Their daughter, their grandson live here. Sami wants no distraction. Lucas says you mean no EJ? Sami says well yeah, what if he goes after Lucas? She says they are adults they can do whatever they want. They can go to Europe, go to Phoenix and visit Will, Sonny and Ari, buy a house out west?
    Sami is hyper, ready to go “We can say goodbye to everyone tomorrow morning and be gone before EJ even realizes. What do you say? Roman says Katie, he won’t do anything to hurt her but what if Brady goes to jail? Kate tells him Brady is free, the charges were dropped and Philip is getting the help he needs
    Roman wishes the people who care about Philip could know too. Kate says its too risky. Roman is glad she trusted him enough to open up to him like this
    Roman gets it, she is a mother just trying to protect her son. He promises to keep her secret
    Marlena says what she does know about the havoc she wreaked terrifies her. She doesn’t know how to apologize for putting Tripp in a coma or what she did to Kayla
    Kayla says it was a bump on the head, she was more shocked when Marlena kissed her. Marlena says when I what?
    Allie is sorry how she reacted, she is glad she came over to apologize. Allie calls her Dupree and Tripp says is it still Dupree or is it DiMera? Chanel says she loves being Mrs DiMera
    Johnny says its a hassle to change your name and Chanel says not for a woman in love. They kiss but Johnny is still off. Chanel asks is he sure he is ok? He says jetlag, i just need sleep
    Allie takes that as their cue to leave. She hugs Johnny and says you know how lucky you are, right? “And how brave you are” to Chanel lol
    Allie and Tripp leave and Johnny says this is the first time all year that he has had his wife all to himself. They kiss
    Lucas says sounds good and Sami says fantastic!! She starts to grab her stuff. Lucas says wait we need to think this thru, we are going too fast.
    Too fast? Lucas you and I have known each other more than half our lives. I love you, you love me – whats stopping us?” She looks at Lucas and asks “whats stopping you?
    Lucas says nothing and Sami tells him “Nobody knows me better than you Lucas Roberts – that is definitely your ‘something is bothering me’ face”
    Lucas has a fb of talking to Allie about Sami and EJ’s relationship and Allie saying how she could never forgive EJ.
    Sami knows this is hard but they can’t screw this up again. They have to be honest with each other. She asks again “What’s bothering you?
    Marlena is shocked, she kissed Kayla? “How did that happen??” Steve tells her the devil transformed into him and Kayla cuts in “as soon as the kiss was over he transformed back into you” Marlena says well thats good
    Marlena says she thinks of herself as enlightened but this is the first time for her. Kayla says for her too. Steve jokes are you sure you too are just friends. No one laughs
    Steve apologizes and says Kayla thinks its too soon to joke. Marlena says no its good we can joke. “So to answer your immature and insensitive question, we are just friends.” Everyone laughs
    Allie checked on Henry he is asleep. She and Tripp start kissing and fall on the bed
    Johnny yawns and Chanel says you are going straight to bed. Johnny says ok! and she says I meant to sleep. They toast and Johnny almost collapses. Chanel asks are you ok??
    Lucas says theres something important he has to tell her. Roman and Kate interrupt. Sami says its the best new year in a long time – at least she hopes so. Lucas pauses but then says – you will be the first to hear “Sami and I are back together – and leaving Salem tomorrow”Roman asks since when? Lucas says just now as Sami giggles. Kate asks isn’t that a little and Lucas cuts in “its impulsive! It is.” Kate says thats one word for it
    Lucas says they are making up for lost time, like Roman and Kate. Sami hopes Kate can be happy for them. Kate says if Lucas is happy
    Allie says after the year they had wouldn’t it be nice if it was always like this. Tripp says thats his new years resolution to make everything perfect of her. Allie says he always does
    Marlena says she is feeling relaxed for the first time in a very long time, looking forward to the future and a wonderful life with the love of her life
    Marlena says she is feeling relaxed for the first time in a very long time, looking forward to the future and a wonderful life with the love of her life
    John says their love and support pulled them back to the other side. Steve says thank god the devils reign is finally over
    Chanel wants to take Johnny to the ER but he says its just the champagne going to his head. She heads up and he says he will follow in a second
    Johnny sighs and looks at Stefano’s portrait. He raises his champagne glass and JoDevil wishes Stefano Happy New Year in Italian. “I promise you your Giovanni is going to make you very proud this year!” End

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