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    Days of our Lives
    Thursday, January 20, 2022

    Against Belle’s advice, EJ takes the stand.
    Jake worries Gabi could be playing with fire when it comes to Johnny.
    Xander is stunned to find Sarah has returned.
    After speaking with Kate, Abigail starts to put the pieces together.

    Xander walking in on “Sarah” and Maggie. He rushes over and hugs her tightly “thank god you’re alright!” Maggie clasps her hands in glee.

    Abby is sitting in the pub and Kate walks in. Abby asks if something is wrong, is it about Philip in the most dry voice ever.

    Kate says she just ran into two people she never wanted to see again. Abby guesses jake and Gabi? Jake in HTS he thanks Gabi for saving him Kate almost ran him over

    Jake tells Gabi she has to be careful too – about Johnny

    JoDevil at the chess board, he makes a chess piece fly across the room and says sorry Elvis, the king had to sacrificed

    In the court room, EJ wants Jason’s testimony stricken from the record, he shouts its all a lie. The judge admonishes him. Trask enters Sami’s statement into record and Belle protests she doesn’t get the chance to cross examine

    Abby tells Kate she ended up with Roman, alls well that ends well. Kate says Hortons alwys say that. She doesn’t forgive betrayal as easily as Abby does

    Kate asks why Abby isn’t covering the trial? Abby says she is working on another story – about Sarah. Kate wonders why Sarah acted like she was with Rex this whole time

    Abby says she and Xander are working together, they both care about Sarah (since when). “Sarah” pushes Xander away and says get off me you Neanderthal! She tells Maggie see? This is why I didn’t want him to know where I wa

    Maggie chastises Sarah about being mean, she says the least she can do is give Xander ten minutes of her time

    Xander asks if they can have that time alone? Magie asks him to step out into the hall and tells Sarah don’t go anywhere

    “Sarah” tells herself keep it together Gwen – you fooled the mother you can fool him too

    Chad comes in and Johnny asks where Stefano’s chess set is. Chad says he replaced it and Johnny thinks that’s disrespectful. Chad says he didn’t grow up hearing about the whole legacy thing like Johnny did

    Johnny asks if thats why Chad sold EJ down the river? Belle says she can’t cross-examine Sami and since Sami offered no proof and no one else has any she wants to case dismissed on lack of evidence

    The judge asks so no witnesses? Belle says no your honor as EJ stands and says he wants to testify

    Belle asks for a moment to talk to EJ. She tells EJ everything is going well, are you crazy? He wants to rebuke Chad’s and Jason’s testimony and sway the judge to his side

    Belle says Trask will bring up every horrible thing EJ has ever done. EJ insists so Belle calls him to the stand

    Chad says EJ swore he didn’t do it and Chad believed him but yesterday EJ forced himself on Abigail. Johnny remembers the scene and says maybe it wasn’t what it seemed?

    Johnny says maybe the feeling was mutual “Sorry, I am just remembering the affair they had as a kid. Moms says they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!” Chad says he remembers that too but yesterday was all EJ

    Gabi says if Johnny has a thing for her they can use it to their advantage, Johnny is a big hitter now. Gabi thinks its easy, Jake is still surprised Maggie was on their side

    Maggie and Xander walk back in and Maggie says she will go see Henderson about a room. “Sarah” says she isn’t staying, she is leaving town today

    “Sarah” says her patients need her, she doesn’t want to say where she is working or living in front of Xander. She only came back so Maggie wouldn’t worry

    Maggie tears up and says so this is goodbye? She tells “Sarah” she has to call her regularly from now on. Maggie hugs her and leaves

    Xander says she missed you so much you can’t even spend the day with her? “Sarah” snaps just say what you came to say

    Xander says when Sarah came to him that day on their wedding she sounded like a woman he didn’t know – and she still does. He asks her why is that?

    Gabi wants to make Johnny think she has the hots for him too. Jake hates the idea. He asks wait – are you going to sleep with him to get his votes?

    Chad says Abby had to push EJ off of her. Johnny is sorry, he shouldn’t have implied Abby was fine with what his dad did. He says his dad crosses the line a lot

    Johnny says my dad swore Lucas kidnapped Sami and Chad helped cover it up. He says I guess he lied to me too as Chad looks guilty

    Belle asks EJ on the stand if he kidnapped Sami. EJ swears he did not, he would never separate her from their children. Trask cross-examines

    Trask says you would never chloroform Sami or separate her from your children – has it slipped your mind you have already done both those things?

    Sarah” says she is the same person she always was – she went to Rex because he was there and then she realized she wasn’t in shape to be with any man

    Xander asks if Sarah hates him now? She rants yes, you gave me a stolen baby, no mother can get over that.

    Abby says Xander did wonder if Kristen had something to do with this. Kate asks why, that’s exactly what Kristen did to me. She starts telling Abby the story

    Abby says Xander did wonder if Kristen had something to do with this. Kate asks why, that’s exactly what Kristen did to me. She starts telling Abby the story

    Abby asks how Kate escaped and Maggie walks in. Abby asks if she brought the money and Maggie doesn’t know what she means but says it doesn’t matter – Sarah came home

    “Sarah” tells X she will do better keeping in touch with Maggie (he mentioned Sarah not being there for Maggie when Summer died) and then tells him forget about her and go be happy with Gwen. X asks how she knows about Gwen?

    Johnny says he made a mistake taking his fathers side and thinks he should team up with Chad. EJ is squirming on the stand, looking to Belle for help as Trask talks about him stealing his kids before and when he chloroformed and kidnapped Sami before

    Gabi says of course she is not sleeping with Johnny, she did this before with Stefan to get control, worked like a charm. Jake points out yeah then you fell into his bed and in love

    Gabi says she has this under control and Jake says he is anxious

    Chad thinks Johnny needs to prove himself “the closest you’ve come to DiMera is sitting on your dad’s lap playing with his keyboard

    Chad leaves and Johnny smirks I don’t blame you Chad, you almost made a deal with the devil

    Trask reminds EJ he had Sami chloroformed and kidnapped so Andre could extract stem cells from her unborn baby. EJ invokes the fifth

    Belle says they are only talking about the events in August. The defense rests and the judge says they will hear closing arguments. Belle mutters to EJ she tried to tell him

    Maggie says Sarah seems distant but well. Kate mutters I am glad she isn’t feeling bad about breaking Rex’ heart

    Abby wants answers and Maggie tells her how Sarah is leaving immediately. Abby says thats really odd

    Maggie is glad to see Sarah but the visit didn’t put her at ease – she says Sarah is not herself. “Sarah” lies that Maggie told her about Gwen and Xander

    “Sarah” says Maggie says you are in love with Gwen – is that true? He says after what Sarah did he did not want to love anyone but yeah – he loves Gwen

    “Sarah” smiles big and says great! “Then go be with Gwen and leave me alone.” She walks out and X is not happy

    Xander is sitting on the sofa in the mansion, upset. He picks up a picture of Sarah and has a fb of them asking each other to marry the other

    Kate says so, mystery solved. Seems like nothing happened to Sarah except she turned into a bitch. Abby laughs and accepts Kate’s offer of a glass of wine. I thought she couldn’t drink on her crazy meds

    Abby is thinking about Kate and Xander telling her about masks and people hidden in the tunnel and how Sarah is not like herself.

    Abby has an epiphany and says omg. Kate turns back and says red or white as Abby leaves the pub

    Gabi gets to the DiMera mansion and calls hello, anyone home? Johnny comes in all sweaty in a fencing outfit and says he was working with his instructor. She says its cold out and he takes of his jacket and says “its hot as hell for me”

    Trask tells EJ his fate is with the judge and smirks. EJ tells Belle that was a disaster. She says one of your own making, you arrogant jerk

    EJ thought if he was a surprise witness Trask wouldn’t have a chance to dig up dirt. Belle says come on! She has been trying to get you for years

    Trask walks back in, the judge has already reached a verdict

    EJ asks Belle what this means. She says a fast verdict favors the defendant. Chad walks in – he wants to see EJ’s downfall. The judge returns to the bench and says he reviewed the testimony and it was clear – he finds EJ guilty

    Trask wants remand, Belle asks he remain on bail till the sentencing. Trask says EJ is a flight risk and the judge agrees, sends him to jail

    Gabi says she can’t stop thinking about their conversation, how they have interests in common. He has been thinking about their partnership and how it might look like this – he kisses her

    Maggie gets home and X says Sarah still hates me. He doesn’t understand it, he thought there was more to the story.

    Sarah” in HTS with a suitcase and Abby rushes up to her saying they need to talk. “You’re not really Sarah, are you?” End

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