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    Days of our Lives
    Wednesday, January 19, 2022

    Steve faces off with Kristen.
    Kayla is put to the test.
    Xander and Abigail grill the DiMera pilot about Sarah.
    A familiar face shows up on Gwen’s doorstep.

    Rafe sees Nicole trying to get rid of the conference table

    Kayla is caught rifling through the Mother Superior’s desk

    Kristen walks in, slams the door and pulls a gun on Steve

    The pilot said Sarah’s face isn’t one you would forget

    Gwen opens the door to Sarah

    Kristen said Steve should try hard not to irritate her

    Kristen said Xander wasted his money hiring Steve. She said the only thing anyone is going to find is a dead one eyed priest

    The pilot can’t place Sarah. Abby tells him she’s an investigative reporter and her husband is the CEO of DE

    The pilot asked for a drink

    The pilot said maybe Sarah looks a little familiar

    Sarah tells Gwen that Sarah is still on the island. Gwen is confused. Ava takes the mask off

    Kayla said she was looking for a Bible. Mother Superior said a Bible is right there. Kayla says her husband always tells her she needs glasses. The nun is shocked and Kayla realizes she slipped up

    Steve says that Xander tried to hire him to find Sarah, not her

    Nicole says she wants the table out of there so she is a reminder of something that never should have happened

    Ava is laughing at Gwen

    Gwen doesn’t understand why Kristen sent Ava that mask

    Abby and Xander are trying to get the pilot to talk. He admits he flew her somewhere

    Rafe tells Nicole about how he’s being set up

    Rafe thinks that Ava is behind it because he slept with Nicole

    Ava told Gwen to put the mask on and tell Xander to stop looking for her

    The pilot said Sarah approached him for a freelance flight

    The pilot can’t tell him where he took Sarah because it was part of the deal

    The pilot is looking for money

    Steve said a lot of mysterious disappearances have led to Kristen. She said she and Sarah are almost like sisters after she gave her the baby back

    Steve wants Kristen to put the gun down. She refuses

    Steve confesses that Brady hired him to find her

    Kayla tries to cover and says that she is a bride of Christ so she’s married to God

    Mother Superior asks Kayla how she plans on reading the Bible she wanted without the glasses her husband God told her she needs

    Kayla said she wasn’t planning on reading it and that she just takes comfort in its presence

    Kayla said she knows the passages by heart and Mother Superior asked her to recite it for her

    Kayla said she doesn’t know the passages verbatim

    Kristen insists she didn’t frame Brady. She said her plans are always in her best interest and she wouldn’t send Brady to prison for murder

    Kristin admitted that it bothered her that that cow once again had her talons in Brady

    Kristen said she wouldn’t have thought twice about framing Chloe. She said Steve doesn’t know her at all if he thinks she would’ve framed Brady

    Steve apologizes for the misunderstanding and thinks he can just leave
    Rafe thinks maybe Ava knows what they did on that table

    Ava is convincing Gwen to wear the mask

    Kayla recited the Bible passage and mutters to thank her mother for CCD. Mother Superior locks the desk and Kayla isn’t happy

    Nicole is starting to think that Ava knows about them

    Gwen comes out dressed like Sarah. She still sounds like Gwen. Ava turns on the voice changer

    Abby refuses to give the source money

    Abby won’t run the Spectator into the ground. Xander is going to ask Victor or Maggie for money

    “Sarah” came to see Maggie

    Steve says he won’t tell anyone he found her and said she should find another convent to hide in

    Steve tried to be smooth and said he was getting zip ties from a drawer. He was looking for his gun. Kristen already had it

    Kristen told Steve that for a PI he is very predictable. She has both guns on him

    Nicole is remembering the day Ava approached them after they kissed. Ava shows up and sees them talking

    Maggie is so relieved to see “Sarah.” She says she can explain why she hasn’t called

    Ava insists the three of them have dinner

    Ava is torturing Rafe and Nicole

    Mother Superior leaves. Kayla texts Steve

    OMG Kristen is wearing Steve’s patch. He’s on the floor. She texts Kayla back “Keep me posted, Sweetness.

    The pilot leaves for an hour

    “Sarah” tells Maggie that she had to do it this way because of Xander

    Maggie asked why Sarah was that desperate to get away from Xander. “Sarah” doesn’t want to see him He walks in and sees herMaggie asked why Sarah was that desperate to get away from Xander. “Sarah” doesn’t want to see him He walks in and sees her

    I can’t believe Kristen put the patch on. She was a lot of fun today

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