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    Friday, January 14, 2022
    Lucas returns to Salem to testify at EJ’s trial.
    Chad’s plan, to tell the truth, is derailed.
    Gabi and Jake make a deal with Maggie.
    Chloe receives an unexpected visit.

    Brady tells Chloe that Steve and Kayla are at the convent Kristen hid out in a couple of years ago

    Chloe said they still don’t know if Philip is dead or alive

    Kate asks Lucas what the hell he’s doing back in town. He said he got subpoenaed to testify

    Lucas is talking about how what EJ did is unforgivable and they need to throw the book at him. Kate said that might work with Sami but she knows for a fact that Lucas did it

    JoDevil is bragging to Stefano that he’s playing EJ like a fiddle

    The devil plans to take over DE and let EJ rot in prison

    Trask is showing Chad the DE records that he printed. Chad said he was doing a quarterly audit

    Brady Is trying to reassure Chloe that he doesn’t think Kristen would take Philip’s life just to get back at them

    Chloe declined a call from Nancy

    Chloe said it’s like Philip just disappeared off the face of the earth

    Lucas’ is denying it. Kate is insisting that she knows

    Lucas comes clean. He says he knows that it’s bad but he was desperate because he’s so in love with Sami

    Lucas: “I make her happy. That’s what I do

    Lucas is insisting that Sami can never find out

    JoDevil overheard Kate saying Chad is going to make sure EJ isn’t convicted

    Chad is refusing to answer

    I miss Sami. I wish she was here to see Belle defending EJ for Sami’s kidnapping

    Jake and Gabi came to see Victor. Maggie tells them he isn’t available

    Maggie said she knows all about their plans because she’s Victor’s wife

    Brady tells Chloe that he’s there for her. That he’s her friend first. She tells him the same

    Brady is hungry, so they’re going to get some lunch

    Kate and Lucas are having an entire conversation in the middle of the Pub about how he framed EJ

    Kate is defending Chad and saying that he has lines that he will not cross

    JoDevil heads to the courthouse

    Belle whispers to EJ that she thinks Chad is trying to help them

    Belle is questioning Chad

    JoDevil chokes Chad so he can’t tell the truth

    JoDevil is outside the door of the courtroom, so no one knows he’s there

    I’m glad Abby helped Chad because Ben stood there while John nearly died from MarDevil’s choking

    Brady walks on Kate telling Lucas that no one will know that he’s guilty

    Maggie won’t let Gabi and Jake take advantage of Victor

    Jake said they just want to secure a legacy for their children. Maggie thinks it’s a wonderful idea

    Belle is really shaken up and doesn’t know how the glass slipped out of her hand while Chad was choking

    Johnny comes in and says hi to Dad and Aunt Belle

    Belle said what happened to Chad was scary. Johnny said Uncle Chad got exactly what he deserved for turning on his brother. Then he talks about Cain and Abel in the Bible

    Brady wants Lucas to fess up to whatever he’s guilty of. He covers and says he should’ve found out that it was EJ sooner

    Brady and Chloe are happy that Sami are safe now because of Lucas. Brady assumes he’s back in town to testify against EJ

    Brady wants Lucas to give that son of a bitch exactly what he deserves for kidnapping Sami

    Brady asks to speak with Kate in private

    Kate thinks that Lucas seems a little tense and worked up and asks what’s going on

    Abby asks if she should call a doctor for Chad. He doesn’t know what happened

    Abby wants to know what Chad was trying to say

    Abby is looking for Sarah for Maggie, and Maggie is helping Jake and Gabi take Chad’s job

    Maggie said she cares deeply about Titan and it’s future

    Maggie said that Philip’s disappearance really upset Victor and he needs something else to focus on. She thinks bringing down his biggest rival would be a big win for him

    Maggie thinks it’s a good time to strike at DE because EJ and Chad are fighting

    Johnny is insisting that Chad is a Judas. Belle isn’t sure about that. Johnny asks EJ to sign the document about the shares

    Belle is questioning Johnny because he said his passion was movies. Johnny said he isn’t making the movie after what happened with Grandma Marlena

    Belle can’t believe that EJ is transferring his shares to Johnny

    Chad and Abby sit down. She doesn’t want any secrets. He thinks it’s best she doesn’t know so she’s not complicit

    Abby said she’s a little freaked out. He promises her everything is going to turn out fine

    Chad said that seeing Abby in the court room will give her the strength to do what he needs. They say ILY. He needs to talk to Belle. She needs to update the Spectator

    Brady tells Kate that he’s trying to find Philip. He thinks Kristen might have something to do with his disappearance

    Kate thinks there’s no need for Brady to be doing this. Brady said he’s not going to rest until he finds some answers and doesn’t understand why Kate doesn’t want that

    Kate wants Brady to call off the search

    Sami was supposed to appear in court, but Lucas told her it wasn’t a good idea for her to be in the same room as the guy who kidnapped her

    Sami gave a deposition to Trask

    Belle thinks the stock transfer is unnecessary. Johnny is insisting that they need to act now

    JoDevil is going to kill Belle if she keeps pushing

    Johnny and says he needs to talk to his father alone for a minute. Belle leaves. Johnny says he’s just trying to do this to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt

    EJ is buying everything JoDevil is saying

    Johnny told EJ that he knows he’s always been on this side and he will always do that in return. EJ signs the papers

    Maggie said they need an ironclad guarantee that Victor will have a seat on the DE board. Maggie says it was nice doing business with them and leaves

    Kate tells Brady that she doesn’t want to be told her son is dead. She said she wants to hold on to hope as long as she can

    Kate said that Victor has people searching and Steve will just get in the way

    Brady said he made a promise to Chloe to find answers. He said that she has been in agony and needs to know the truth

    Brady said he’s sorry but he’s not going to tell Steve to back off

    Belle asks Chad if he’s feeling better. They think it was just Trask‘s questioning

    Belle tells Chad that when he gets back on the stand she’s going to give him a chance to say whatever it is he wants to say. He thinks that she and EJ will be pleased

    Chad realizes he forgot his phone and heads back to the witness room

    EJ came to see Abby. He needs to talk to her about something

    EJ tells Abby that can’t hide his feelings any longer. “Abigail, I want you.”

    Lucas is on his way to the courthouse. Kate goes with him

    Chloe is talking about ordering lunch. Brady is distracted

    Brady tells Chloe that Kate wants him to stop Steve from looking for Kristen

    Lucas is on his way to the courthouse. Kate goes with him

    Chloe is talking about ordering lunch. Brady is distracted

    Brady tells Chloe that Kate wants him to stop Steve from looking for Kristen

    Brady is really suspicious of Kate
    Nancy! Chloe is so surprised to see her. Nancy is mad she hasn’t returned her calls

    Nancy says this isn’t about Philip. She says it’s about her father. “I think he’s having an affair.”

    Jake told Gabi that EJ is considering signing his shares over to Johnny

    Abby thinks that this is some kind of a sick joke. EJ says he’s been using Sami and Nicole to get over her. He said that’s why he wanted to do Johnny’s movie ////JoDevil has to have morphed himself into Ejerk///–Ronda’s Comment

    EJ: “I have longed to ravage you.

    EJ is in the courtroom. He tells Belle that he signed the agreement because he believes his son has his best interest at heart. Belle tells him he’s operating on emotion

    EJ thinks that Johnny is just trying to protect his family and his legacy. Belle thinks Johnny’s change of heart is puzzling

    Belle tells EJ that she just talked to Chad and that she thinks that Chad is on his side and he might go free

    EJ thinks that his brother might be a wildcard, but he knows his son is not

    EJ grabs Abby and kisses her. Chad sees them

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