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    I know this side of the board has been pretty dead, but I just had to say I was thrilled that Tripp basically told Allie, they’re done. She doesn’t deserve Tripp. He would give his life for her and she’d give him 5 minutes of time. She went running to Tripp because she figured Chanel was going back to Johnny. She couldn’t handle being alone. Tripp saw what we all saw, Allie was all over Chanel. I personally wish they’d write Allie off or replace the actress. The character seems pathetic and maybe a new actress would encourage them to write a feistier character.


    I’m really with you on this one, Mommytutu. I don’t know if it is the actress or the character, but Allie irritates me to no end. She is wishy-washy and wimpy, so I agree that the show should either replace the actress or the character. Tripp, on the other hand, is a strong actor and character. I’m hoping he sticks around and gets a good storyline worthy of the actor.


    Poor Tripp, I guess the soap Gods just don’t like him when it comes to finding love. I really was looking forward to a Tripp and Ciara romance and thought they had great chemistry. Plus it was cool that Steve’s son was with Bo & Hope’s daughter with all their history. But the writers had to ruin that with Claire getting involved and then Ciara ended up with Ben. I really liked him and Aly together but I guess the writers wanted to do some crazy triangle with the twins and Chanelle instead. I wasn’t a big fan of him and Haley, but once again, the writers went with JJ and Haley and Tripp as always is the odd man out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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