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    I am backup fro bringing over tweets on another board….so here they are

    Thursday Recap Begins Here
    Marlena shows up to see Susan. Susan is so sorry “I did it for you and Mr. John Black
    John is home looking for Brady. Brady walks in, he’s sorry for worrying him. He tells John he went to see Kristen
    Chad just came from Kate’s bedside. He’s furious with Kristen
    Kayla tells Jake she has Kate’s tests back
    Gabi is looking for Rafe. Ava said he’s working late so she’s bringing him lasagna
    Gabi told Ava to pack up the damn lasagna and move out
    Rafe wants to know what’s going on between Xander and Nicole
    Ava tells Gabi that she’s dating Rafe. She came to tell Rafe about Kate. She tells Ava she and Jake got back together and are madly in love
    Kayla said she left messages for Kate’s son, and she’s telling Jake that they’re going to take Kate out of the coma. She may have brain damage
    Marlena persuaded the warden let Susan is free to go. Susan hugs her and is so happy
    Marlena told the authorities that Kristen had taken advantage of Susan and her child like nature. She brought Susan clothes and is taking her home
    Chad is screaming at Kristen for what he did to Chloe, too. “This is your idea of love, Kristen?
    Chad is dragging Kristen!
    Chad: “Did you think he would be impressed that you were stalking him as Susan Banks?
    Kristen wants Chad to help her get out of there
    Chad won’t help Kristen escape and asks Kristen if she’s lost her mind
    Kristen told Chad to think about their father and about how family is everything
    Chad: “We may be DiMeras, and I love you as my sister. But I didn’t condone the things that father did and I don’t condone the things that you did to Kate.”
    Gabi tells Ava not to mess with her brother
    Xander said he had a proposition for her. Nicole said Xander wants a job
    Nicole says she’s considering hiring Xander
    Rafe is in everyone’s business, and it’s really weird. Go solve some crimes
    John brings Brady coffee or tea or something. Marlena gets home with Susan
    Susan wants to know if Brady is OK. He says he’s fine. She’s so sorry, and really thought be was protecting Brady
    We got a “mean, mean, mean!
    Brady tells Susan that there’s nothing to figure. Brady is glad that he saw the light and was able to end things with Kristen. Marlena’s head nod
    Susan wants to help with Rachel. Marlena tells Susan she must miss Roger. Subtle, Marlena
    Susan rushes off to go dye her hair “I’m going to wash that Kristen DiMera right out of my hair.
    Marlena and Brady exchange the cutest look as Susan leaves
    Chad said that Kristen has to go back to prison and find a purpose other than Brady. Maybe she could reconnect to her faith. He tells her that Rachel needs her
    Kristen said she has to find a good inside herself again. Chad tells her that he knows it’s there
    Chad said he’s going to be there for his niece
    Kristen wants Chad to talk about her to Rachel
    Kristen asks for a pen and paper so she could write an important note
    Jake tells Kayla that he and Kate aren’t a couple anymore
    Jake tells Kate that he still cares about her, that she is still important to him and always will be. He is sorry he let her down
    Rafe wants Nicole to explain herself
    Nicole says the only thing that’s going on that Xander needs a job, and she needs temporary help
    Nicole is worried about Chloe
    Rafe told Nicole that Xander tried to kill Sami and Lucas
    Brady is struggling to get up and wants to go to the police station to help look for Chloe. John wants him to rest. Marlena comes in and they realize Susan is gone
    Susan went to see Kristen. Kristen says she’s so sorry. Susan is mad that people got hurt
    Kristen said without Brady her life might as well be over
    Susan forgives Kristen because they both love big
    Gabi is with Jake. He’s hopeful Kate will make a full recovery. Gabi is worried Kate will want to pick up where they left off
    Jake and Gabi kiss and Kate wakes up
    Kate says she can’t see
    Kate can’t see anything. She tells Jake not to leave her
    Kate asks why Gabi is there
    Chad came to John and Marlena’s. Chad is so sorry that Kristen is so out of control
    Chad dropped off a letter that Kristen wrote to Rachel. Marlena offers Chad some tea, but he’s going to check on Kate. No stay with John and Marlena, Chad
    Chad tells them that Kristen wanted him to help her escape. He obviously didn’t, but he thinks they need to know
    Susan told Kristen that she lost Brady all by herself
    Susan told Kristen that Marlena didn’t want her help with Rachel. Kristen looks annoyed
    Kristen wants to give Susan a hug, and she chokes her. Yeah, she’s such a good person now
    Xander said that Sami is just a drama queen. Nicole leaves so Rafe can question Xander
    Rafe shows Xander that he got his gun from Sami and Lucas
    Xander says the gun was stolen. Xander denies everything
    Kate doesn’t want Gabi there
    Jake tells Kate what Kristen did to her, and that she’s going to be fine
    Ava catches Kristen
    Kristen reminds Ava that she would be dead. Ava said Rafe will never forgive her
    Ava tells Rafe that she found Kristen on the floor like this. Susan wakes up
    Ava denies seeing Kristen
    Kristen escaped. She wishes she could say goodbye to Rachel. She says she’ll be with Brady and Rachel again, and that he always forgives her
    Kristen: “You haven’t seen the last of me, Salem.”
    Nicole came to see Brady. Marlena is reading to Rachel
    Xander sends Nicole a threatening text
    Brady tells Nicole that he broke up with Kristen. She tells him he did the right thing. He thanks for for holding down the fort at Basic Black. She tells him she wants to hire Xander
    Brady told Nicole she’s out of her damn mind
    Gabi tells Chad she isn’t sure Kate is going to be OK
    The last thing Kate remembers is packing for her trip
    Kate and Jake agree that this changes everything. He holds her


    I am so sick of Kristen getting away. I knew she was going to shaft Susan again…UGH!


    I want to see Kristen caught and locked up forever.
    Salem police screw up again.

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