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     So they straight up re-wrote the scene and NOT just to accomdate Marci as Abby.

    When we first saw the scene there was (a) no Julie and (b) Abby/Chad were sitting on the bar stool type seats that Chad was at w/Gwen a few weeks ago/where Gwen was during the flashback.  They were NOT at a table – AND they thought Gabi did it b/c she grabbed the bottle from Chad’s hands.   

    Sorry writers – but this isn’t a hair style glitch in the editing room – you straigh up re-wrote the scene to fit what you needed it to.  I feel like Annie in Misery when she was torturing Paul LOL


     Was Gwen even out of Shady Acres when Abby was poisoned? 


    Remember Jake said she was missing. He had no idea where she was. She was hiding in the sanitarium. Was she able to sneak out? And what’s her motive? Is she in cahoots with Dr. Rolf? What is or was her connection to Chad and Abby. The whole storyline is pathetic. And I agree, the writers just completely rewrote the story. Bad, bad, bad.  


    So what is Gwen up to?   I wonder if there’s not a Gwen and Vincent connection. Vincent is Dr Rolfe’s protege and the serum Gwen uses is from a DiMera company.   Why does she want Abby out of the way?  Is she Dr Rolfe’s child?   How does her accent fit into this? Was  dating Jake in Philly and signing into the hospital with Claire in Salem all part of a bigger plan?  So many potential storylines , I hope the writers give us a creative one. 


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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