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    the child actress playing Sydney DiMera have taped their last scene, and are being replaced:  Go to Jason47.com for pic and scroll down to New Kids On The Block.  They are absolutely adorable.

    Nadia and Talia Hartounian have been cast as the new Sydney DiMera, replacing Isabelle and Sahara Roberts in the role. The Hartounian twins appeared in one episode of "CSI: NY" earlier this year as Lucy Messer, the daughter of Danny and Lindsay Messer. Born in January 2008, they are actually five months younger than the previous Sydney. They are set to make their "Days" debut in February, 2013.



    They don’t seem to show Ali so much.   Also don’t you think in real life if twins went seperate ways and called someone different daddy that it would be so confusing.   They never really speak of it much or actually at all.   So Sidney and Johnny get gifts from EJ and Ali is left out ?? I don’t know just bugs me.



    I was actually just coming on here to post about Sydney!!  I feel terrible, because they are little girls, but they just have no business acting.  They have absolutely no personality and always seem terrified to be on camera.  Not sure what TPTB were thinking hiring them.  Looking forward to the new little actresses!


    Johnny and Sydney are always together, but Johnny and Ali never are and they are twins. Ali is never with Sami.  Just because EJ isn’t Ali’s father doesn’t mean they can’t be together. It bugs me too. 


     She/they would warm up to the camera, but it never happened. Hope the new girls do well. Also, where is Allie? There is no excuse for not showing her.


     the photo of Parker look a lot like Daniel?  And, the twins with their hair that way remind me more of Nicole!  Any thoughts?

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