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     So if Kristian Alfonos’s last day was Wednesday, 10/14 – and that was right before the shutdown – when will we start seeing episodes filmed post Covid?  Or was her last date before their haitus?  


     It is hard to tell, I noticed a sudden change in Nicole’s hair on Thursday and Kayla, Claire and Steve looked a little shaggy to me. And I saw on the net that they shut down on Oct 12 because someone is positive for Covid, and they hope to resume tapping on the 26th.  I wonder if Hope had no fanfare for her departure, because of the rush to shut down the first time. Strange times.


    My first thought was that she was doing her own hair and avoiding a stylist. 


    Episodes through 10/5 were all March.

    Episodes from 10/6-10/19 are a mixture of March & September.

    Episodes from 10/20-onward should be all September.


    KA confirmed in a big interview (Glamour magazine, maybe?) that she never had a big goodbye with her castmates and crew. 


    I have a feeling that many of them were not able to get their hair done because of corona. Lots of roots! Marlena’s hair looked too long and not well styled.

    I think starting this week we’ll be getting the mini story for two weeks. This will allow Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to fall on the correct days instead of two weeks early. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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