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     There is speculation  on the other board about a Hattie Marlena switch. I’m posting on this board to say that according to the Celebrity Dirty Laundry spoiler site, that is what happened!!   That’s Hattie Stevano kidnapped, not Marlena!!

    I’m looking forward to how this plays out – it should be funny with Hattie involved!!


    How did that happen? I know Kate poured her heart out to Hattie, but did Hattie all of a sudden decide to be Marlena? And if so, when did the switch occur?  


     in one smal town without anyone the wiser?

    Maybe Hattie was so worried about her friend Marlena that she bopped her on the head to save her? 


    Marlena and Stevano are speaking to one another.  The closed caption says: "Hattie as Marlena".  I would say that’s a dead giveaway that the writers might not have wanted us to know yet. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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