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    Two Jackasses, (excuse my French) are these people, Elvis, & Rafe: First off when it comes to Rafe: there was no need to Mirandize Tate given that Tate was never charged with anything, now has he & then Elvis: Tate has no history with drug use of any kind, & yet Elvis & Rafe jump to the conclusion that Tate has a history with it???WTF. The third jackass is Stefan, he knows that Elvis knows that with how he refused Clyde’s offer to run drugs for him which led Clyde to have Ava & Stefan to do it for him, with Stefan knowing this, he should start squawking to Elvis & explain how Gabi’s life is in danger, from Clyde & with him knowing that Elvis tried to save his life in warning him about Megan, he could grant Gabi immunity & get her out of prison, so with her safe, they can shut down this drug trafficking story, right?

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