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    – Sami and EJ are about to kiss until … Will Interruptus!

      Nevertheless, the pair continue to get to know each other

      better. Then Rafe sends little Johnny a present – an FBI

      jacket. Ouch! Johnny is thrilled, Sami thinks it’s cute, but the

      gesture makes EJ feel like a hoodlum. Sami assures him

      that he can be the kind of man his children look up to

      if that is what he really wants …

    – Sami tries unsuccessfully to have contact with Rafe.

    – Nicole meets up with Baker at a poker game when the roving

      reporter goes undercover – and she comes up woth an unusual

      proposition. She wants them to frame her rival for Brady –

      Arianna! Baker certainly knows enough about muggings

      to pull it off but will he agree …?

    – Rafe’s South American adventure takes an unexpected

      twist, as Stefano wonders why there has been no word

      from Anna …

    – Vivian feels she has a new enemy – Maggie! She realizes

      Victor is sweet on the redhead and is therefore in a hurry

      to marry him.

    – Meddling Mel tries to keep Nath away from Stephanie!

      She also now thinks Chloe is wrong for papa Dan.

    – Hope’s attacks are not over yet! Meanwhile, in a crazy

      twist, she feels more and more pressure to crack the case

      (not realizing the attacker is in fact her alter-ego).

    – Chloe considers telling Dan she was a cheater!

    – Madeline suggests that Chad continue his education

      in another state. He wants to know why



    Vivian realizes that Victor is ‘sweet on Maggie’ and is in a hurry to marry him herself.   This could prove to be interesting, if it does not get too ‘off the wall crazy’ as Vivian so often does. 

    I like S. Rogers as Maggie;  I just hope this story line is not about her getting sicker.  Just hope it is a sweet flirtation between her and Victor.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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