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    Sonny is going to lose his job, because he ate those cookies.

    The reason I can see him losing his job due to eating the cookies
    is because he warned Victor of Leo’s vengeance on him, so why
    didn’t Sonny think before eating them, given, he had to eat
    them & then see Leo walking in, tipping him off that Leo was
    behind the cookies after eating them, & forgetting about Leo’s
    vengeance, wouldn’t that raise questions as to how he’s fit
    to run Titan, given what he had told Victor about Leo’s vengeance,
    they would bring up that with tipping Victor off, that he would
    be willing to eat the cookies?


    No one is going to by this yet again, with how many people now know what Leo did when, they’re going to believe it again, knowing who’s behind this?, so how exactly is this going to work on Sonny yet again, give how all of Salem knows what Leo did once before?

    Then this: Without Leo marrying a drag queen, no one would have flown the drag queen anywhere for anyone to provoke who in order for who’s vengeance to put all of this in motion & they think that it’s wise to play up who provoked who into what started this?


    Repeating the same tired old storyline again with Leo and Sonny. Lazy writing. I hope Days comes up with a totally new twist on this Leo revenge tour.


    I hope that they play up Will believing this coming from Sonny. It gives Sonny a taste of his own medicine. That way when they throw-away Massey’s Will again. They will play up who killed Leo Stark. The suspects will be Craig, Nancy, Brady, Chloe, Clyde, Sonny.

    What I don’t get is why Sonny would allow Leo to do this. Remember, the actors put in the work, learning the scripts, blocking them, taping them, what they are doing here is showing that the characters are playing the actors, meaning, the characters allowing it, when the actors are the ones who put in the work. I can’t see the characters allowing all of this when the characters aren’t the actors, it’s up to the actors who are willing to do what’s written. The characters are fictional people played brilliantly by the actors, so why show the characters are willing when the actors are the ones that are willing to do what’s written.


    That’s all this is is lazy writing. The devil over and over again. Jan Spears coming between Belle and Shawn-D? That whole original storyline with Shawn and Jan and the cage is thought of as one of the all time worst storylines ever. So who wanted Jan back? Stupid. Enough already.


    This is about Leo, Sonny & Will: I remember some time back, a verbal smack down involving Brady & Sonny, they were going back & forth, as in a volley of venom spewing between the both of them. When Nicole ended up in that food fight with Sami, it was shear magnificance all the way & yet, we are seeing none of that, now are we?

    What I’m getting at is this, With this story is this, Leo knew that Sonny was out cold, he was the one who poisoned the cookies, he was the one that carried Sonny to his bed, stripped him & then created the perception to destroy Sonny. What I’m getting at is how does it show perception with Sonny out cold? Also, isn’t it very odd that the Sonny would be allowing Leo to do this by eating the cookies?

    Sonny even let Victor know of Leo’s vengeance & yet, he’s willing to allow Leo’s vengeance by going along with it, hence eating the cookies.

    The only way I can see Sonny getting out of this is by having Will convincing Sonny to allow him to seduce Leo & set it up to give the perception of that & use that as blackmail on Leo, matching blackmail with blackmail.


    But what does Leo have to lose, if Will sets him up? Nothing. I definitely think this is all leading to Leo being murdered. None of the main suspects will be the person who kills him, either. It will probably be his mother, Diana Colville. Isn’t she in prison right now for poisoning Marlena? They’ll make up some lame story where she gets out of prison and lurks around Salem for a few months before offing her own son.


    This is what Leo would lose if Will sets him up, it would be one blackmail vs. another. It will allow Will to use what he set up on Leo to get Leo to get rid of what he has on Sonny. With the news of Marcie Miller’s leaving, I have a feeling that who kills Leo would be Abigail & she goes to prison for murder, remember as to what Leo had done with the spectator by planting Chad’s secret drag life. This would be the story to let Marcie leave.

    This is two-fold: On this show’s soapsheknows messageboard, the new recast for Stephanie ends up killing Abigail.

    How does that work, MM’s Abby is apart of Beyond Salem 2, now is she & then there’s this, with Abigail being one of the suspects in Leo’s murder, given what Leo gave the Spectator about Chad’s secret drag life puts Abby on the list of suspects, so you tell how they will still put in motion for Abigail’s death?


    With Will’s text about what cookies. Why aren’t they playing up having that text being front & center, showing that the cookies came from Leo ?

    I can’t see Gwen needing to know of this, given that she can’t blackmail anyone into dropping the charges on her, given what she agreed to serve how many years in prison.

    Jack heard for himself of what Gwen’s actions are, I can’t see her being so willing to murder her sister & having her dad to know what she & Leo had done to his daughter, I mean Abigail, don’t you think?

    Yes, I do admit that Chad, Will & Sonny are the biggest monsters that Salem has ever seen, & that they are worse than Stefano could ever be. They thought that they were in the right to denigrate WilSon’s lifestyle by allowing Chad to seduce Leo, that caused all of this.

    But still, they are negating that Craig had every right to know about Leo’s husband.

    The exact same thing with Sami, the custody hearing judge had every right to know what Nicole did with Jan & what they had done to Victor.

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