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    First, the writers have never made biscuits or run a restaurant or bakery. Biscuits don’t need to proof overnight. They don’t contain yeast. Second, even if you made the dough the night before, you would cover it and refrigerate it. The whole point of a biscuit is that the fats stay cold and solid in order to produce the fluffy or flaky biscuit. Third, we don’t know enough about Talia to explain her reasoning for poisoning the biscuits. Is she targeting someone? If so, why not just poison them instead of the whole town? What if her sister had eaten those biscuits? Was her poison really meant to be a love potion? Considering everyone who consumed them hallucinated and some even got sick, did Talia not consider the consequences had someone gotten in a car and started driving under the influence of the biscuits? I am just shaking my head at this whole storyline.

    On a side note, I did enjoy Rafe totally out of character. He was pretty funny.


    “Sloanie baloney”, so funny when Nicole said that to Sloan.

    So, we’ve got a good mystery going here with Talia being the person who drugged the biscuits, at least it looks that way. It expands the entire Paulina, Chanel, Sloan story. However, it is irresponsible for a medical doctor to drug people. So how is that going to be explained? She should lose her medical license.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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