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    What I found strange & odd about the September 14, 2023rd episode is that Andrew knew as to where Alex is staying, then they put it out there that neither Andrew, much less Paul, knew that they both would be in Salem, given that Andrew was willing to fly back to San Francisco to be with his boyfriend & didn’t even know that his boyfriend is in Salem, & explain as to how Theresa, knew of Paul, then Andy shows up at Marlena’s flat to be introduced to his grandfather, given that DVD’s character is his cousins’s grandfather. Then Andrew knew of Alex Kiriakis, Alex had nothing do with either Beyond Salem & yet, no story as to how they knew of each other. Then this being the topper, both Belle & Brady just got introduced to their grandfather, & TPTB think that it’s wise to get rid of her & then with how Basic Black is a rival to Titan, they have Alex & Brady to go to Greece, when Justin could have gotten the info from Andy Donovan instead of the both of them. Remember, with WK doing both DOOL & GH, he can go back to GH when they can play up Justin going to Greece, now couldn’t they?

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