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    Friday, Sept. 3 Tweets
    Ciara and Ben laying together in a tent
    Gwen reading article about Xander being a free man and EJ being a gangster with a lawyers license. She says poor Xander, crucified for something he didn’t even do. She wants to go see him
    Jack comes in and asks if everything is ok – she says he did a hatchet job on Xander
    Xander wakes up thinking about making out with Gwen
    EJ at Xander’s door, he shows him Jack’s article. Steve asks Kayla if she is feeling any better, she’s laying on the sofa – she did shots with Bonnie at her bachelorette party
    Kayla says Bonnie was off the night before, something was bothering her. Bonnie and Justin wake up in bed together and he says you didn’t have to worry about it being bad luck for us to see each other on our wedding day
    Justin says nothing bad has happened and Calista walks in and says Justin is marrying a murderer
    ack and Gwen fighting about his article.
    EJ says Xander could sue about the article and says Xander will get his contract to work today, all the money better be there
    Calista says Bonnie murdered her husband and she has proof. She takes the gun out and says its got Bonnie’s fingerprints on it. Justin says is this true and Bonnie looks sad. Justin says he is not marrying her! Bonnie wakes up shouting No
    Justin consoling Bonnie it was a bad dream and Calista walks in saying I have something for you again, but perkier this time


    I’m not going to recap Ciara and Ben, we’ve seen this dull shiz 1000 times.

    Hope someone can fill us in

    Steve wonders how Bonnie is feeling. Kayla tried to warn her not to get drunk but she was determined. There was something bothering her and she mentioned Calista Lockhart. Steve asks who’s that
    Calista gives Bonnie a blue handkerchief (it was wrapped around the gun). Bonnie says she already has something blue. Justin heads off the get ready. Calista asks where her money is
    Nicole at work and EJ walks in. He tells her he wants her to give Xander his job back. Nicole says over her dead body
    Nicole says her contract includes a provision that says she and Brady have full autonomy over personnel decisions and there’s no way they are hiring Xander. EJ smirks
    Jack wants to know why Gwen is defending Xander. More fbs
    Gwen says she understands Xander. She asks what he wants from her? Jack says the truth about her and Xander
    Kayla is telling Steve about Calista and they yuck it up over the Calista Lockhart and Harrison Lord name thing that Ron thinks is SO funny.
    Bonnie upset, its her wedding day – can’t she just pay Calista later? Calista says no, you screwed me once before
    Cin: Ok god they are reading a book to each other
    Why would you want me to hire Xander anyway? He’s horrible to work with and he smells like patchouli anyway
    EJ says he wants his money back, he’s not letting Xander take his money
    Nicole says how would he feel if she made EJ hire Lucas? He says its not the same thing
    Nicole says Xander is a repulsive reminder of the worst mistake of her life.
    Nicole asks if EJ really needs the money? He says its the principle, he can’t let Sami win. He tells Nicole if she doesn’t hire Xander she’s fired
    Calista making herself at home. Justin says he is surprised Bonnie invited her, she never mentioned Calista before
    Bonnie gets to Xanders room, she came to invite him to her wedding. She keeps looking at the suitcase of money. Xander says this is weird, even for her. He asks what is he missing?
    Gwen says Xander is not the terrible person Jack thinks he is. Jack says his story is just the beginning, they might be able to get the charges reinstated. Gwen says please don’t do that
    Nicole says thats the second time EJ has fired to threaten her since he got back, the first time was when she gave him advice about Johnny
    EJ says he was riled up, he’s calmer now. He tells her to make Xander’s life a living hell. He bets she can make him quit. She says want to bet me $1 million and EJ laughs
    Bonnie is coming to get ready at Stayla’s so Steve heads over to see if Justin has any requests for his “best dude
    Justin tells Calista to slow down a little on the drinking. Calista says she is drowning the blues, its hard when other people are just starting their married lives. Justin understands, he lost his wife as well
    Calista says her husband was murdered for his money, leaving her a pauper and the person got away with it
    Bonnie talks Xander into coming and swipes his key card off the dresser as she leaves
    Gwen says she is the one who is guilty. She says Xander lied to protect me. She tells him it was Snyder and her and Snyder wouldn’t let her out. One day Snyder turned up they had a fight and Xander walked in
    Gwen says Xander stood up for her and then Snyder dropped dead right in front of them
    Jack asks why Gwen agreed to run drugs for Snyder in the first place?
    Jack says he gets whats going on, she is lying to get Jack to write a retraction
    He remembers Julie walked in on Xander and Gwen together – did something else happen? She says no but Xander was just protecting her relationship with Jack
    Jack asks what Snyder was blackmailing Gwen with
    Justin tells Calista in time the anger and pain will become less acute and you will find yourself more hopeful about the future. Justin sees Bonnie’s makeup bag and suggests Calista take it to her and meet Kayla
    Calista says she is tired and has been drinking. Justin leaves to take Bonnie her bag
    Bonnie sneaks back into Xander’s room (I appreciate for once that a door just isn’t randomly unlocked like every house in Salem). She stuffs the money in her bag and EJ knocks on the door
    Ciara is out of birth control and says maybe they shouldn’t worry about it. What if they have a baby
    Calista is still eating and drinking and Steve comes in. Calista smiles and calls him big boy
    Justin at Kayla’s he is surprised Bonnie isn’t there
    EJ shouting Xander are you in there and Xander shouts he is coming from the bathroom. Bonnie looks around frantically. end

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