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     What happened when Sami shot Alan, who raped her? Did he die? Did she go to prison?


     She accused him – went to trial – he got off but the press crucified her.  She got her revenge by shooting him in the penis when he tried to rape her… again.  Shortly after that the whole Austin/Sami/Carrie/Lucas SL storyline started.  

    Alan was Lucas’s friend but he was obsessed w/Carrie.  

    This was after she sold Belle on the black market and became bulimic for some time too! 


    Yep the start of the never ending Austin/Sami/Carrie/Lucas that by the time they finally got AusDumb and Carrie together, nobody cared anymore. So Carrie went on after all that to cheat on him for Mike and ride off on the sunset. Then AusDumb did the only sensible thing, he actually got together with Sami. Still trying to process that one. Austin still is the dumbest character with Brady a close second.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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