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     I want to start out by saying that I know that EJ has done some truly unforgiveable things and I am not a big fan by any stretch.  However, I am not looking forward to the day that Sami finds out he kidnapped Sydney.  Yes, what he did was horrible and inexcusable BUT, as I’ve said before, Sami has done really horrible things too.  That’s why I’m not looking forward to the pity party she will get and Sami being even more unbearable.

    I know that she has every right to be extremely hurt and mad (as we all know Sami does so well!) and to get sympathy for what happened, but this will bother me because of the very bad things she’s done to hurt others.  And I know that just because she’s done awful things in her life doesn’t mean that she deserved her child to be taken away.  But still, I can’t help feeling that she will be portrayed as a saint and go running back to Rafe, whom she truly does not deserve!  She and EJ are perfect for each other since both of them are anything but perfect!  And it make for very interesting storylines of Sami in the DiMera world.


    I am looking forward to the truth coming out. I am close to vomiting everytime they kiss. All I see is lying rapist scum.



    Ms. Jake

    MK, I totally agree with you! I think Sami deserves EJ….not Rafe. And it makes me sick to see all these men falling all over her. She’s not a gorgeous model, IMO and has lot’s of baggage! I thought her and Lucas were a perfect match….but, noooo bring in another hunk, give me a break! Nicole should not be the second choice here!


    Most people wouldn’t see it because they think of beauty as more flashy. I say the real test is put women on camera with zero makeup. Sami has gone w/out and has held her looks for me, but not sure others could pull it off. I also think she will age very gracefully.


    I love Sami and EJ together, mainly because of all the ways their storyline can go.  I love the idea of a Brady and a DeMira together.  I would be happy with any Brady and DeMira match, not just EJ and Sami.  I think Sami and EJ deserve each other.  They both have done some really bad stuff and got away with it.  A lot of people can’t get pass EJ raping Sami.   But, we have to remember that Sami raped Austin too.  And, Austin fell in love with Sami.  These to character are just alike.  But, like I said I just want a DeMira and Brady together!! JMO!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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