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    This pertains to the murder mystery on Days.

    A couple of folds:

    One fold: No one knew about Leo’s husband, not until Brady had told
    Sonny about Jackie Cox, that resulted with Chad flying Jackie to the
    double weddings. So he takes it out on the people that costed him Craig
    when no one knew of the said husband until who showed up at the double

    Second fold: The fans & the viewers of the show would certainly
    question as to how Sonny was knocked out, much less how he got
    to his bed & how he was stripped, given that he was in no
    position to do that to himself, so why wasn’t that shown?

    Third fold: This pertains to the mystery. With how Gwen was
    so verklempt when talking about her father to Abigail, she
    puts it into motion to allow Leo to follow through with the
    murder, therefore, putting Jack in the position to bury his
    daughter. If there is a doppelganger of Abigail & that both
    Gwen & or Leo suspect each other, means that neither one of
    them did her in, so why have Gwen allow Leo to follow through
    with it?


    I think it’s to throw the viewers off. I also read that Lucas was drinking and he blacks out with no memory of what he’s done. Also, to throw off the viewers. JMHO, I don’t think Abigail is really dead, and I don’t think it’s anyone we’ll think, who actually did it.


    But there’s this: Why keep playing up every 5 seconds of the impending De Mira baby & then have Abigail knifed to death ?

    I have a feeling that the so-called killer is Gwen, we did see her being in prison & coming back to it & that Leo ran off in a sweat with the weapon in his bag, but still, with how Leo is all about perception, meaning, what he did with that content that was sent to Will, & what the perception showed with the harassment that he had filed on Sonny some time ago, that he would be willing to help Gwen, given, how he questioned Gwen resorting to violence of that kind.

    Then there’s this: With where the content came from that was sent to Will, & how Leo wants to take it out on all the people involved with Craig leaving him, I kind of doubt that he would be willing to have the suspicion of conspiracy to attempted killing on himself, if Abs survives this, don’t you think?


    I don’t know. I read that Marci Miller (Abby) is leaving the show and won’t be replaced. Her death seems pretty real and permanent to me.


    But remember this: Explain as to why they kept playing up the upcoming DeMira baby & then scrap it by killing the character with how of what Susan had done to herself that she survived from, yes, granted, Abby didn’t do this to herself the way Susan did, but if there was a need to keep Susan alive, why not Abigail, given as to how they had been playing up the upcoming DeMira baby?


    I also read that Marci Miller (Abby) was leaving the show and Kate Mansi had no interest in returning full time as Abby. That lead to the decision to kill off Abby.

    Of course, in Salem, dead doesn’t really mean dead. Who knows maybe Abby will be back in the future with a new actress in the role. I wonder if they’ll be fan backlash to her killing like with Will’s “murder” ?

    Personally I would have liked to see a replacement actress play Abby. Her murder, especially after just introducing her kids, was dark for daytime.


    I think the final shot of Leo hiding in the closet grasping his bag and all shaken up was to throw us off. He probably saw, or heard, who did it.


    Yes, I can see that he may have seen who did it, or heard who did it. But, remember this, he did intentionally did drug Sonny, we did see him take Sonny to his, meaning, Sonny’s bed, & he was also the one that stripped Sonny & had sent the content to Will, yes, granted the drugs that was in Sonny’s system may have dissipated, but still, could you imagine as to what those drugs could have done to Sonny & who had slipped them to Sonny.
    L E O S T A R K,

    you tell me how it’s a red herring of him having the weapon, touching it in his bag when he left.

    The point is that he left the body there, he didn’t do anything, it’s exactly as to what the ambiguously gay duo had done to Leo with the carpeting, some time ago. So the question is with what had let Will & Sonny had been charged with, can be filed on Leo, now wouldn’t it?

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