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    Chanel is stunned when she learns the truth about Johnny.
    A frantic Ben and Jake seek Marlena’s help to find Ciara.
    Rafe offers advice to a surprisingly vulnerable EJ.
    Possessed Allie attempts to keep Ciara from her loved ones.
    EJ confides in Rafe.
    Marlena hypnotizes Jake.

    begins with Stayla in the pub, he is talking about taking a trip but a depressed Kayla isn’t listening. She misses her job, and she is angry. She refused to fire Marlena and got fired, but Craig did the same thing and he still has his job.

    Kayla muses pettily maybe she should have fired Marlena

    Marlena in her office and Belle calls. She asks how she is and then Marlena says “Johnny is what??”

    Johnny at the hospital and he tries to talk to Chanel but she is angry. Johnny says it wasn’t him on the phone! EJ says it was Satan. Chanel says really?? This is a stupid idea for your dumb movie. EJ says its the truth

    Chanel snaps you expect me to believe that as Johnny passes out

    Allie knows Ciara wants to go home but they can’t with Evan on the loose. Ciara wants to call Rafe and ask. Allie fakes a call to Rafe and asks if they caught Evan.

    Ciara says she wants to go home and “Rafe” says that’s not an option, they have to go to the cabin now. Ciara asks what about Ben?

    Johnny is in a hospital bed as Tripp checks him, says he needed fluids he was seriously dehydrated. EJ says he looks better already. Johnny is quiet. EJ starts to tell him something and Chanel comes in, Johnny asks for time alone with Chanel

    An upset Chanel asks how he is feeling? Johnny says like the world is an even scarier place than he ever thought.

    Johnny says he feels ok, he has a splitting headache. Chanel asks if him being possessed was really true?

    Ben is grunting orders that they have to find Ciara

    Ben tells Jake he knows he was knocked out but what did he hear?

    Ben wants Marlena to hypnotize Jake to find out if he heard anything

    Steve says come on sweetness, you don’t mean that. Kayla says of course I don’t, she is a great friend and an esteemed dr, she didn’t deserve that. Steve says Kayla didn’t deserve it either and Kayla agrees

    Steve wishes there was something he could do about it for her. Kayla appreciates it. Steve says hey we came out to have fun – lets throw some darts. Kayla says she would rather just sit and wallow.

    Steve says if she gets a bullseye he will paint the bathroom like she has been asking. She says I have to win a contest to get you to do a chore?

    Johnny says remember on NYE I wasn’t feeling that great – it was the devil.

    Chanel says all that stuff about not loving me anymore and Johnny says that wasn’t me! It never was!! He asks if she believes him. She is angry, she says its hard to unhear the things you said to me that night

    Johnny says the only thing he remembers about them being together is she made him feel more loved than he ever has. “Chanel you are everything I ever wanted

    Johnny says he never would have asked her for a divorce because he never stopped loving her – and he still hasn’t

    EJ is explaining to Tripp about Allie and then he goes to tell Marlena. FINALLY

    Marlena tells Belle ILY and to hang in there. EJ rushes in and says it’s urgent. Marlena says she knows, she just spoke to Belle “It was Johnny, and now dear God its Allie”

    EJ says they have to find Allie, and they have to tell Samantha

    Chanel says Johnny was so cruel that night, he broke her heart. He whispers he is so sorry

    Chanel says she was so happy to be his wife and then he treated her like she was nothing. She just remembers leaving and hoping it was a nightmare and if it hadn’t been for Allie….a teary Johnny says its alright, he heard she slept with Allie

    Chanel is explaining how Allie was there for her and Johnny looks away sadly. He says its alright, she doesn’t have to explain what she did with Allie – or Tripp. Chanel asks Tripp?

    Tripp comes into the pub as Kayla gets a bullseye. They notice he is upset and ask whats wrong? He says he is sad and upset and freaked out. Steve asks what happened?

    Ciara says Ben needs her she needs to be with him. Rafe says she has to put her baby first, that’s what Ben would want

    Ciara agrees for Ben and for their son. Rafe says its for the best and he will send some uniforms to the cabin

    Allie asks Ciara so what do yo think? Ciara is crying and says let’s go to the cabin. Allie smiles to herself

    Marlena leaves a message for Sami, tells her it’s important to call back right away. EJ wants to get the police involved and Marlena says not till she talks to John

    Ben rushes in and says Allie has Ciara and they need Marlena’s help

    Chanel asks quietly you know about me and Tripp? Johnny explains he knows they got drunk and kissed and headed back to her place. Chanel says nothing happened and Johnny happily says “really?”

    Chanel explains how her mom sent Tripp home in a cab. Johnny smiles he knew he always liked Paulina

    Stayla are surprised about Allie but Steve says Marlena’s family can help

    EJ asks Rafe if there are any leads yet? Rafe explains about the hypnotism and EJ says he just left her office. Marlena is hypnotizing Jake as Ben stands over her

    Jake talks about Evan escaping from prison and saying a new friend helped him, when he asked who that’s when he was hit from behind. He came to and Rafe was there

    Marlena asks about when he was hit. Jake says he didn’t see who it was. Marlena asks what he hears. Jake hears Allie’s voice “may as well make him useful” – he says its Allie

    Jake says he can’t understand what she is saying. Marlena asks are there any other voices? Jake says its muffled and Ben asks if Ciara was there

    Kayla says a silver lining about being possessed?? How can you say that?? Steve says thats not what he meant, maybe she was possessed when she cheated on Tripp. He says no, that was all Allie

    Tripp explains Johnny was possessed first. EJ says Johnny is in a room with Chanel. EJ says his mother, bless her, alerted him and Belle that Johnny was possessed and he went to the crypt to appease her

    EJ says when he says Andre choking Johnny – if it wasn’t for his mother he would have lost his son tonight. He asks what kind of person is he that all these months his son was in trouble and he had no idea

    Chanel says she and Tripp ending up just bonding with friends. Johnny says he is happy too, when he saw them leave the bar he assumed the worst. Chanel asks if he was following them and Johnny says no, the devil showed him

    Johnny explains how the devil chained him up in the DiMera Crypt and tortured him, showed him Chanel and Tripp kissing. Chanel asks how the devil chained him up – doesn’t he need someone elses body to do that?

    Steve is shocked, Johnny was possessed? Kayla thinks that would explain his strange behavior. Tripp tells them how EJ found Johnny in the crypt tonight

    Rafe says EJ had no way to know what was going on with Johnny, no one did. EJ says he is Johnny’s father, he should have known. Rafe says maybe the changes happened gradually? EJ says no, it was sudden and extreme

    EJ says he reacted badly, he was so proud of Johnny that night he dumped Chanel – everyone was horrified and EJ was relieved that Johnny realized Chanel wasn’t right for him and DE was his birthright

    EJ says all those years he and Johnny didn’t get along, he thought Johnny looked to Rafe as a role model more than he did EJ. He thought that night Johnny finally changed into the heir he always wanted

    EJ is upset all those qualities he finally saw in Johnny were really the devil

    Jake hears Ciara crying, she is yelling at Ben to wake up. Marlena asks what then and Jake says he doesn’t know

    Jake says he feels a hand on his wrist and hears Allie saying Ben is gone. Jake says his head is killing him. Marlena brings him out of the hypnosis

    Jake says he feels headachy – Marlena wonders if he has a slight concussion. Jake apologizes to Ben for not knowing where Allie and Ciara went. Ben doesn’t understand why Ciara was yelling at him to wake up when he wasn’t there

    Ciara says she hasn’t been in the cabin in years. She remembers her mom making fun of her dad for not being able to catch fish. She says her dad is gone and now Ben is gone

    Allie suggest she splash water on her, she will feel better. Ciara cries Ben is gone she will never feel better again. Allie says she has to take care of herself for the baby

    Ciara goes into the bathroom and AlDevil smiles – “with daddy gone, this is the perfect place for my baby to be born”

    Steve wants to take Tripp home but Tripp wants to go back to work. Kayla says we’ll see you soon (doesn’t he live with them?) and hugs him and says ILY

    EJ says he sees the irony, him crying on Rafe’s shoulder. Rafe says they both care for Johnny.

    Chanel asks why the devil left Johnny without an exorcism? Johnny says this won’t be easy to hear – the devil went into Allie

    Ben is asking why Ciara was crying and asking for Ben. Jake says she was really close to my face. Ben says why would she call you Ben? Jake says oh damn – we know the devil can change forms, right

    Jake asks can the devil change other peoples forms too? Marlena says yes, he made Tripp look like Jan and Susan into a cat. Jake says OMG and Ben still doesn’t get it

    Ben realizes Ciara thinks he is dead. Ciara wants Allie’s phone to call Hope. Allie pretends there is no signal and says “it’s just you and me

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