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    Knowing how to tamper with a time stamp is out of Clyde’s mentality.

    Coming in by way of French doors & seeing who he thought was Sarah leaving, because the front door was locked when Lucas tried to come in by way of the front door, indicating that it was locked from the inside, but yet, Clyde walked right in?

    Chad ranting & raving when it came to as to what EJ had kept quiet, but
    Clyde heard it from EJ & Belle, is highly questionable, don’t you think?

    When it came to EJ’s 8-year-old shooting. That was before 90 percent of EJ’s body was covered with burns from a Memphis Warehouse explosion, they have Feuerriegel taping & blocking the 8-year-old shooting?

    With Leo inflicting no violence towards Sonny, the stabbing let everyone to think it was Leo?


    This goes to Jada Hunter & Sarah Horton. When Sarah had brought up that she attended Jada’s 8th birthday party. Marcus Hunter, Jada’s dad left town in 1992. The writers now, when Jada showed herself to Kayla & Steve, the both of them brought up that they were saddened over Marcus’ death. MAJOR GOOF: The character never died, only the actor, Richard Biggs did, don’t you think that it’s very odd that the writers have the characters reference to the actor’s death, when the character left town 30 years ago & waited 30 years later to put it out there of the character’s death?

    It’s also odd that not once did any member of Marcus’ family contacted anyone in order for anyone to know of Marcus’ daughter, don’t you think?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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