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    Zach Tinker shows up in Why Women Kill’s season 2.
    He was in Big Sky as well, & he’s now going to be in
    Fire Country. His character was killed off in Big
    Sky, what happens if his character is killed off in
    WWK & also in Fire Country?

    With the battle for Titan being in play bringing
    Sorel into it, who has the title of CEO, Tinker’s
    Sonny, doesn’t he & they think he has to be exempt
    from this story???WTF

    January 27 2023rd episode. Sloan doesn’t even take it
    into consideration that Chanel was lured to the roof-
    top to be killed by Sloan’s mother, & she thinks that
    Chanel pushed Mother Peterson to her death???WTF

    The character of Chanel wasn’t even in existence then,
    was she? Just like Gwen Rizcech, her mother also played
    by Emily O’Brien had put it out there when Laura Horton
    had told her daughter & granddaughter as to how she knew
    about Gwen, she put it out there that it was 30 years ago,
    making it in 1991, given the story was put out there in 2021,
    well, when Tiffany had brought up that her daughter is 8 years
    old, shows that the character was born before the actress. Doesn’t
    that make Chanel & Sloan’s mother improbable???WTF

    When Chanel & Allie had a huge falling out that ended with Chanel
    moving out, is too reminiscent as to when Sonny walked out on Will,
    & that led to Will’s death, so will they be playing up Allie’s death?


    I’ve also thought that Sloan is wayyyyyy off base accusing Chanel of killing her mother. We all know the story is Chanel had an affair with Sloan’s dad. Sloan’s mom found out and lured Chanel to the rooftop of a building with the intent of killing her and making it look like a suicide. As I recall, Chanel said Sloan’s mom lunged at her and she stepped to the side causing Sloan’s mom to lose her balance and plunge to her death. That is not murder. That’s a freaking accident caused by Karma. There are no charges being filed against Chanel or Paulina in the UK or the US, so how could Sloan sue for wrongful death? If her mother hadn’t plotted to do something evil and illegal, she’s still be alive. Her death was caused by her own actions. Sloan is one crappy lawyer, if she thinks this will fly.

    I don’t know what the plans are for Allie’s character, but the actress has been taken off contract so soon we will be seeing less of her. Maybe she will move back to Europe with Sami. That would be the best solution to me. Allie is boring. They should put Johnny and Chanel back together and Tripp and Wendy together and then all will be right in the world.



    His character on Big Sky was killed off.
    On Why Women Kill, the show’s second season
    brings Tinker to the cast. Then the show
    Fire Country. ZTink joins the show, his
    character on one was killed off, what makes
    anyone think that his characters on WWK &
    Fire Country won’t be?

    Who has the CEO position of Titan. Who comes
    back for the battle for Titan & they think
    that Tinker’s Sonny should be exempt from it?

    What makes Sloan’s mother & Chanel improbable is
    when they had the story of Laura telling her daughter
    & granddaughter as to when she learned of Gwen, that
    story was in 2021, she brought it up that it took
    place 30 years ago, 1991, was thirty years ago in 2021.
    Emily O’Brien not only played Gwen but also Tiffany,
    Gwen’s mother & she put it out there her daughter being
    8 years old, making the character existing 2 years before
    the actress was born, see, what I mean when it comes to


    I wonder how this Sloan story is going to end. Will she bankrupt Paulina or will she see the true story of what happened and drop the lawsuit. I was hoping Eric would talk some sense into her but after he stood up for her to his Dad I doubt that will happen.

    Allie was out of control talking to Chanel and Johnny about the hug. I’m ready for her to leave – she’s obnoxious.



    Big Sky, Zach’s character was killed off.

    They think that Zack’s characters on Why Women Kill & Fire Country is going to stay alive?

    Vivian ghosted Sonny to believe she was Leo, he has the CEO position,
    the battle for Titan, that brings Vivian back into it & that Leo is
    still staying, they think that Sonny should be exempt from this story?

    The character of Gwen was brought up by Emily O’Brien’s Tiffany in 2021,
    it was brought up to CM’s Laura in a thirty year old flashback, it was
    brought up that Gwen was 8 years old in that flashback, two years before
    Emily’s birth & they don’t see that at all that there wasn’t a need for
    Gwen to exist?


    I don’t think an actor’s real age has any relevance to the age of the character they play. For example, our last Claire was much older than the character of Claire. She looked very young despite her age. And the original Claire played an older character when she was a much younger actress. You can’t compare their real ages to the character’s age.

    Look at the Brady/Kristen storyline. The two who play these characters are only like 3 or 4 years apart in real life. If we go by the show’s storyline, they should probably be at least 10 to 15 years apart. But if they did that, there’s no way Kristen could have ever had Rachel. The shows do what they want with character ages and they don’t care about the real ages of people. And let’s not forget, many actors get plastic surgery so they can look younger and play younger characters.


    I’m not comparing the real ages to the character’s age. What I’m getting at is that the character didn’t exist when EO’s Tiffany brought up her daughter’s age, it never happened, because as to when the writers wrote the story for JLB’s Laura tell her family about how she knew about Gwen. She didn’t. The reason as to why she didn’t, because the character didn’t exist yet. Just like with Chanel & Sloan. The character of Chanel didn’t exist when she was in College, Sloan’s parents didn’t exist back then, because the story wasn’t written yet, was it?

    Now when it comes to Zack Tinker. The character of Sonny Kiriakis is the CEO of Titan, is he not? Who ghosted Sonny as Leo, Vivian, she’s coming back. Sonny may have learned from Will as to what Leo was saying to Sloan & it devastated Sonny. So why not allow him to be confronted by Vivian, she was the one who passed herself off as Leo. Then with how Sonny had learned as to what Leo had said to Sloan, why not have Sonny to learn as to who had paid Leo to be Bonnie & Xander’s kidnapper?

    Then with Sonny being the CEO of Titan, & Vivian coming back for the takeover of Titan, why exclude Sonny from that given that he has the CEO title?


    Characters come with back stories that happened years ago that we don’t see. We didn’t see Chanel in college or meet Sloan’s parents. We don’t have to. The story was brought out by the existing characters of Chanel and Sloan. Think about all the grown children who show up as the daughter or son of an existing character like Lani (Abe), Stefan (Stefano) and even Chad (Stefano). The back stories of the characters can make for good storytelling. (Better than repeating the same storylines like this devil nonsense)


    Did we see Andrew Bowen & Cady Huffman’s Harrison Lord & Calista Lockhart.
    Did we see Jessica Tuck’s Madeline?
    Why not show us Jack’s fling in a flashback with an actress playing Tiffany Rizcech?

    So why not allow us to see the flashback of actors playing Sloan’s parents so we can see Sloan’s story?


    Two of Tink’s characters were killed off. One in American Horror Story, the other in Big Sky, in Why Women Kill & FIre Country, you’re going to tell me that they will stay alive?

    Remember, the takeover of Titan is in play, it brings Vivian back into it. She ghosted Sonny as Leo, with Sonny being the CEO, we did see Will relaying to Sonny as to what Leo had told Sloan, so why not have him confronting Vivian, given her ghosting him, so you tell me as to why Titan’s CEO should never be seen in this story?

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