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    Charles Shaughnessy will return as Shane for 10 or so episodes, though that might expand. He starts taping the week of March 22 and begins airing in a couple of months.


    I didn’t really watch when Shane was on because I wasn’t born yet and I only remember him in a few episodes in the early 2000s dealing with the ISA, but I do know people liked him, so this is good news.


     It’s great news, I love him!!


    I absolutely loved Shane  !! Not sure how he could work into a long term storyline, but it would be fantastic !!

    Ms. Jake

    I’ll say it again…I JUST LOVE WHEN THE FAVORITES COME BACK! YEAH….ok, makes me feel TPTB actually read these boards sometimes! LOVE IT! And I would love to see him and Kimberly reunite. I’d love Jennifer to do a comeback for awhile too, because Hope could really use a friend, and she should be part of the tribute to Mrs. H as well. YEAH!!!!!!


     the FBI’s blessing to bring down the drug empires in Salem or Stefano?  They’ve been trying to get Stefano for years so just add EJ to the mix!


    Love, love, love Shane Donovan! Maybe he can bring the Salem brain back on his return.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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