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    I am the back up for bringing Tweets over at another board….I started pasting them in a word doc when I saw the regular person to do it was late….so I am sharing here too. BTW, regular was running a little late…so I kept pulling Tweets for practice…when I do the Tweet bring over I’ll post here too

    Begin Tweets for May 3
    Kate is in the secret room. Flashback to Kristen and the Kate mask
    Jake and Ben are having a beer. He doesn’t want to talk about Kate
    Gabi is upset about a shipment. Philip thinks she was easy on the supplier
    Roman thinks he and Kate used to be really good together, and wants another chance
    Replay of Abby and Gwen on the stairs
    Gabi is denying this is about Kate and Jake
    Philip and Gabi are going out to dinner
    KriKate said she’s not the woman he fell in love with and tells him to move on. She leaves
    Abby says it was an accident. Jack says to call an ambulance. Chad calls for one
    Jake thinks there has to be another reason for what happened with Kate
    Roman tells Philip that he just missed his mother, and that she broke up with Jake
    KriKate gets home, Chabby, Jack and Gwen are gone
    Kristen goes to check on Kate
    Sami comes home, and asks Marlena if she just saw Rafe’s car leaving. Marlena says they have a witness to the murder. Sami asks if there’s something she’s afraid to tell her “John. It was John
    Sami is mad John said he witnessed the murder now and not when she was in a jail cell. Marlena tells Sami that she was there because she confessed to a murder she didn’t commit, and that John just remembered now
    Marlena explains John blacked out, Sami feels bad for Marlena. She can’t believe John ratted out his own daughter. Marlena said that’s not what happened
    Marlena said that they were going to keep quiet, but now Rafe has the recording and Sami asks where the hell he got that from. Marlena: “From me.”
    Roman is telling Philip and Gabi all about the breakup, and that she rejected him
    Philip tells Gabi that Jake is being served up to her on a silver platter
    Jake said even Philip said that Gabi is not over him. Jake said she’s always trying to turn him into Stefan
    Ben thinks Kate is probably right to be worried about Jake and Gabi
    Jack goes to see what room Gwen is in. Abby tells Chad not to look at her like she’s a horrible evil person. He said he doesn’t think that
    Chad said he needs to know what happened back there
    Jack is with Gwen. She’s in a hospital room. He tells her she’s going to be OK. Jack said he was terrified when he saw her fallJack hopes the baby will be all right. Gwen remembers Dr. Snyder telling her the baby was dead. He comes in and asks why she was admitted
    Abby said Gwen was looking for Chad, and he asks why she didn’t just tell Gwen. Abby thinks Chad is acting like she did something wrong
    Abby said they got in an argument about Gwen moving in with Jack and Jennifer. Chad said he thought she was going to ignore her. Chad said Gwen could have been killed, and could have lost the bab
    Dr. Snyder seems confused, and Jack tells him that they’re concerned about the baby
    Dr. Snyder asks Jack to leave. He promises to be outside
    Abby said it was an accident, and she feels terrible. Jack interrupts. Jack says he doesn’t know how the baby is
    Gwen is crying. She didn’t tell anyone she lost the baby yet
    Dr. Snyder offers to tell Jack. Gwen flashes back to Abby saying she was going to be a bad mother
    Gwen doesn’t want him to tell Jack or anyone else
    Philip leaves so Gabi can go after Jake
    Jake said he won’t go crawling back to Gabi because he got dumped. He said he still has feelings for Kate. Ben tells Jake that Ciara left
    Jake and Ben are commiserating
    Ben doesn’t want to talk about it. He encourages Jake to go decide and then fight for the woman he wants to be withKate is complaining about how long she’s been tied to the chair. Kristen tells her that she broke up with Jake, and he acted like he couldn’t care less
    Kristen to Kate: “You have no friends, and you alienated your kids.
    Sami wants to know how Rafe got his hands on the recording. Marlena said Rafe came and played the recording for them. Sami can’t believe John witnessed the shooting
    Marlena explains John saw Belle’s red hooded coat. Sami apologizes for not really being there since Belle got arrested, and hugs Marlena
    Jake comes home looking for Kate. Gabi wants to know what they need to talk about. She said she heard Kate dumped him
    Jake accuses Gabi of being involved with Kate turning on him
    Gwen said she’ll tell her family when she wants. Dr. Snyder said he can’t say anything anyway
    Gwen said she’s going to get her families support, but she’ll do it her way
    Jack and Chad want to go see Gwen. Dr. Snyder says one at a time. Chad goes. Jack said it seemed like the doctor already knew something was wrong
    Chad with Gwen. He said the doctor wouldn’t tell him anything about the baby. She tells him the baby is a girl
    Gwen tells Chad that she lost the baby
    Ben is home, upset about Ciara
    Ben is trashing his room
    Kate doesn’t believe Kristen
    Kate thinks Jake is smart enough to know something is amiss
    Gabi insists she wants involved. Gabi said maybe Kate just realized he’s a really big jerk
    Gabi said every time she switch Jake she gets closer to the realization she’s better off without him
    Jake said that that Gabi would drag him up the stairs if he said he up for it
    Abby told Jack that this all happened because he asked Gwen to move in with him
    Abby said she was too upset to deal with Gwen properly. Abby thinks Gwen played him when she said she was leaving town
    Jack said the reason Gwen was leaving was because of her
    Jennifer calls, one sided. Jack tells her about the accident
    Chad is silent. He asks if she really lost the baby. “I’m not pregnant anymore.” She remembers the fight with Abby. “Our little girl is the best thing that ever happened to me. Now she’s dead, and it’s all because of Abigail.
    Ben is still trashing his room
    Ben gets his keys and leaves
    Gabi said she’s very happy that Kate finally put him in his place. She tells him to go to hell
    Philip is drinking with Roman. Roman says he’ll never understand Kate, and sometimes he thinks she’s two entirely different women
    Kristen told Kate that Jake is moving on. She puts the gag back on
    Jack doesn’t have a good feeling about the pregnancy
    Abby comes into Gwen’s room. Chad tells her she lost the baby. Abby said she’s so sorry. Gwen said this is exactly what she wanted to happen. Abby insists it was an accident. Gwen says she pushed her on purpose “She killed our baby


    This is a great idea, especially when Days is prompted in some time zones.

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