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    Did anyone catch the very brief shot of the Micky photo today? It was when Maggie was on the phone with him.
    Hmm, why wouldn’t the photo be of Kevin Dobson? Or if he is to be replaced, why the old Micky?
    Is there some chance actor John (forgot his last name – the first Micky) will be on board once again?
    Maybe the writers are catching on that with Maggie in the forefront so much, it’s kind of unrealistic to have her hubby gone all the time.
    Or maybe I’m wrong and it wasn’t him? It was so quick not sure I saw what I thought I saw!


    The photos were of John Clarke, the original Mickey. Kevin Dobson vacated the role last year. Showing photos of him will allow flashbacks to be shown of Maggie and Mickey for a reported upcoming storyline involving Maggie.


    Or maybe we could get VERY lucky and John Clarke would come back for a while!  It would be wonderful to see him again.


    we could be so fortunate that John Clarke would come back at least once in awhile.  I guess flashbacks will be better than nothing.  Oh well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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