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    Well, let’s see how long it takes this tryst to come out.  I imagine we have just witnessed the beginning of the end of two couples, i.e., Phillip and Melanie and Chloe and Daniel.  Who will be the first to split up?  Then, the domino effect will come into play, because once Mel is separated from Phillip, I expect Nathan will drop Stephanie and run right back to Melanie; Daniel will, of course, be consoled by Carly, they will grow much closer in the process, which will then tic Bo off to see Carly bonding with Daniel, who will discuss it with Hope (daytime Hope), who may or may not be with Justin by then, and the snowball will just keep on getting bigger and bigger, until when it crash lands, all we will have left will be Julie and Doug (thank GOD) and perhaps, by then, Maggie and Victor (HUH?)  The only thing I am absolutely sure about from yesterday’s scenes between Chloe and Phillip is just when I thought they couldn’t make Phillip look any worse with his bad hair, they went ahead and made him a drunk with bad hair.  Stop it, DOOL, enough with trying to ruin the looks of one of daytime’s hottest hunks.


    Phillip’s hair and the infidelity storyline. I am so not happy. I liked Daniel and Chloe together. I am also bewildered by the reasoning behind Phillip showing up at Chloe’s doorstep. Of all the places in the world to go when you think your wife is cheating. Then to have a roll in the sack with her. I’m one unhappy viewer over the mess this will have created.


    that send these “committed” people racing to the nearest tryst. Their immaturity level is jr high at best. What’s wrong with keeping pairings together for more than five minutes? Who knows who works and doesn’t with Days’ “speed dating.”


    Most of the pairings are already "kneejerk". Philip is marrying Stephanie who dumps him and five minutes later he is madely in love with Melanie who was madly in love with Nathan who is now madly in love with Stephanie and on and on.  They never nurture a relationship on this show. That was one of the great things about Bo and Hope. They started out with Bo adamantly denying he cared for her because she was so young and then they moved through that gradually. But of course, now they have ruinred that too.


    I can see why Philip thought Melanie was cheating.  He actually saw her kissing Nathan and knew she was fighting feelings for him.  Most normal people would stand there longer than 5 seconds to see what happened, though.  But Chloe I can’t figure out why she was so convinced Daniel was cheating on her.  First of all, they had a fight about Carly, but he reassured her of his love before leaving.  Then she goes to the hospital and someone says they "might" have gone to a motel.  Finally she goes to the motel and the clerk says he "may" have checked them in, but I’m sure he sees a lot of people and can’t remember faces accurately, I never could!  At least wait for some kind of proof, geez!  

    BTW-did anyone else notice I think the clerk at the hotel was the same guy that secretly filmed Philip & Melanie and put it on the net a while back at that sleazy hotel?

    I’m with you, Patti, I think Philip is one of the hottest guys on the show.  I don’t know what it is about him, his looks or his power, but anytime he’s on, my eyes are glued to the TV.  Maybe it’s the name, which happens to be the same as my husband’s. :) 

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