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    Susan needs to be front & center all through this week. Not Abe, Chanel, Paulina & Sloan. Not Nicole getting into EJ’s pants yet again, or the fight between Eric & Nicole. Also not what secret Johnny knows that EJ makes sure he keeps quiet, or Gabi & Shin’s soon-to-be nuptials or EJ’s confrontation with Ava, not after Marlena’s strange scene involving her doll toppling over onto the floor. Also, we don’t need to see Sloan resorting to vigilante justice, given Paulina’s position & what she would do to Sloan for doing it.

    We need to see EJ relaying to Johnny the death of his grandmother & bringing up as to who did it. We need to see EJ’s family rallying around EJ & helping him, they did have Jake being their for Chad for when Abs was knifed. They have played up of Chloe & Stefan seeing as to how EJ almost went into the fetal position over his mother’s death, we saw Chloe & Stefan seeing it, so they think that that should be scrapped?

    Then with the positions at Titan, involving, Alex, Chad & Stephanie & what Leo had done that allowed Sloan to steal the file back & what Leo is allowing Sonny to hear, Sonny fell for that BS once before, does he need do that again?

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