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    Everett knew about Jack & Jennifer & Leo when no one knew he was coming, much less, Stephanie for that matter.

    With no one knowing that Everett was coming & Stephanie didn’t know either, would hardly have Kayla to know of him, now would she?

    Talk about questionable, don’t you think?

    When it comes to Chad & Stephanie’s fractured love life, when Chad had told EJ about respecting Stephanie & that Chad had told EJ about her setting boundaries with Everett, when Chad had left EJ in the square, EJ makes a valid point, he flew across the map to Stephanie’s doorstep is not respecting boundaries, & given that Everett is Stephanie’s ex, she has no problems with helping him with the Salem Spectator, when she knew what had happened when she worked at Titan with Sonny, with Alex being Co-CEO with Sonny & he had brought it up to Sonny & I quote ” You were serious about that ” End Quote. So it’s wise to have BB’s Everett front & center, given the extreme backlash over hiring past actors in new roles that were never mentioned?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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