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    Where’s the story for Chad to have known about Susan’s death? Was there anyone to call him to tell him?

    With what Sloan is doing to Chanel, meaning, vigilante justice. Do we really need Gwen & daddy defending her tactics by writing the story that Sloan had given to Gwen?

    Then this, with the NDAs that StephAd had signed, yes, granted that Sloan has the file & she had relayed her side of the story to Gwen & allowed her to write it, but still, remember as to how Sloan had gotten it, Leo allowed Sloan to steal it back, so is it wise for Daddy and daughter to put out the story that came from what Sloan had stolen?

    I know that Ava has lost her marbles, I get that, I also know that Chad & Tony knows that EJ had Tripp bound & gagged. But, don’t you think that it’s odd the all the blame that Ava puts on EJ & from Chad & Tony. Remember, they had even put it out there that Kayla, Steve & Tripp even wants to know what did Ava do that resulted with that & then not even caring at all as to what Ava had done, all they care about is putting the blame on EJ. It doesn’t matter what wrongs EJ had done, what matters is what triggered it.

    They have been doing that running rampant for many years. Putting the blame on the people who causes the effect, negating who caused the cause. They need a reminder that it doesn’t matter who caused the effect, without the effect, there would be no one to cause the cause in which the effect is the result of.

    Like for instance, when it came to the attempted murder story. Sonny had put it out there & I quote: ” Ted was right, he had a P.I. following Leo that night” end quote. So that means that the trap was set but yet no fall out on who set the cameras up, was there, they had to put the fault who was in the content the cameras had picked up?

    When Ava had brought up the money that EJ had to get his mother back, once he had given it to her, you tell me as to how Ava would return Susan to EJ once she got the money. Remember, even Ava didn’t want to kill anyone, did she, she allowed her son’s ghost to push her to the point where she did it & she went through with it by running off of the road to do it & they have negated that by having her fault EJ for everything, did they not?

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