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    It’s reported that Christopher Dunn is the new breakdown writer at Days.   The breakdown writers outline an episode, breaking it down into acts and scenes, with a summary of the action.

    Positions held

    All My Children

    *Associate Head Writer: September 24th, 2009-present

    Guiding Light

    *Associate Head Writer: 2000 – 2001, 2002 – 2009

    *Co-Head Writer 2001 – 2002

    Santa Barbara

    *Associate Head Writer: 1992 – January 1993

    *Script Writer: 1991

    Sunset Beach

    *Associate Head Writer: January 1997 – December 1999

    Awards and nominations


    *Dunn has been nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards (all for GL) and seven Writers Guild of America Award (3 for GL, and 1 for SB and SUBE).


    *Dunn has won 2 WGA Awards; 1 for GL and SB.

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