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    Why would Melanie have any feelings for Nathan at this point?  I never saw any attraction between them in the first place.  When they dated, he was constantly trying to get her to be someone different.  With the way he’s acting now and with all the stuff she’s going through, it seems like any feelings she may have had would be crushed.  He’s obsessed!  I’m half expecting him to bug her phone and put a tracking device on her car.  I don’t see why he’s supposed to be such a nice guy.


    of him to be pushing her right after her breakup w/Phil and right after a miscarriage. Who can care about a character with so little tact?


    caught up with Stephanie…I thought it was the stupidest thing (well, one of the stupidest of many that they’ve done on the show) when one day he wasn’t a doctor and the next week he was…I can live without him – i.e., character (although, the actor is good). 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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