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    With a vast surprising murder mystery that runs through the summer.

    Can anyone actually believe that it’s Abigail. Think about it, why
    would anyone stay tuned to watch the killing with knowing who the
    victim is.

    I have a feeling that the character is Leo that dies a grisly
    death, think about it, look as to how many suspects fall under
    that line of suspects.

    Remember, I have read that Craig comes back sometime during the
    summer, he ends up learning how Leo attacked his ex, learning
    from said ex, that their daughter is on the list of people
    that Leo plans to take out, there’s Will, Sonny, Brady, Chloe,
    Craig, Nancy, & Clyde, Abigail & Chad, do you really think that
    they would put it out there as to who the victim is & think that
    people would want to watch with knowing who the victim is?????

    I have a feeling that Kristen sends an Abigail mask to Leo &
    that the killer is Gwen, that Leo gets Gwen out on a technicality,
    remember, Leo is all about perception, that would allow Chad to
    think that the victim is Abigail, right?


    Here’s the rumor I’ve heard twice from two different sources. We the audience, and of course all of Salem, will think it is Abigail who has been murdered, but it’s going to be a doppelgänger. Now I don’t know if that means someone who just looks like Abigail, or someone with an Abigail mask on.

    I do believe the main suspect will be Leo. But, I think a bigger mystery will brew when Leo is murdered. I think there will be so many people who think he killed Abigail, and someone will want revenge leading to his murder.


    I can’t see all of Salem will think that the victim is Abigail, given, how many people know that Kristen had impersonated, one being Kate, the other being Sarah & the masks that was given to Gwen & Ava, to give the illusion that they were Sarah, then morphing Jake into Ben, Marlena morphing into John, Satan morphing into Susan, Satan morphing into Belle, then possession turning into 10 possessions.

    I can see how they would believe that it’s Abigail, given as to what Thomas had told his mommy as to who he seen in the tunnels, but still, I can’t see as to how she would allow herself to find Leo, given, her knowing what Leo did to her husband with the Spectator & her knowing as to what Leo had sent to Will to convince him of Sonny’s affair with Leo, then there’s this: With what Abigail now knowing as to what Chad & Lucas had done to EJ with Sami’s kidnapping, the last thing that Chad would do is to allow Leo to get wind of it & expose it, all because the writing team think it’s a wise move to allow Leo to know of it, don’t you think? Remember, they did have a drugged up Sonny learning that there are drugs that dissipate in a matter of seconds, & that can’t prove as to what Leo did to him, so is it so wise to have Chad & Lucas to go to prison by allowing little Miss Abby keeping mum allowing Leo to get wind of this?

    That means that Leo wins by with what he now knows of what Lucas & Chad had done to EJ will be exposed the exact same way he planted the story of Chad’s secret drag life, you tell me how anyone & I mean anyone would stomach seeing this show with the writers keep allowing Leo to win.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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