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    Some of this has already happened. It’s the last line of both articles that will really get you.



    This week Sami busts Rafe2 giving a down-on-her-luck Stephanie a little TLC at the Brady Pub.

    Galen Gering says, “Rafe2 is pretty much thinking what every guy thinks: ‘Wow, that’s the hottest friggin’ girl on the planet!” Stephanie starts talking about Nathan and her problems. Rafe2 wants to listen and help however he can. “But he’s a pretty physical guy…” says Gering.

    Sami walks in and catches them hugging in a way that’s a little too close for comfort. She immediately lays into Rafe2. Later, she questions Stephanie about it. According to Gering she asks her, “Did he hug you in a weird way – too long, perhaps? Was there anything that was alarming?”

    Stephanie admits that she was uncomfortable, so Sami decides it’s time to action over her husband’s strange personality change. She arranges for him to have an MRI. Rafe2 panics when he finds out. He tries to protest but Sami is adamant. Rafe2 calls Stefano and EJ, and they assure him that they have people at the hospital who will take care of the results.

    Rafe2 undergoes the test, but nothing goes as planned. The people who were supposed to fix the results, don’t do it. The real results are what they will get.

    Daniel is confused when he tells Sami that the tests indicate Rafe was never in an accident. Meanwhile, Stefano gives the real Rafe a shot to erase his memory. Gering teases, “Rafe is concerned. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”


    Sami worries that more is going on with her husband than she realized when she catches him in an embrace with Stephanie. Alison Sweeney says, “Sami comes in and Stephanie begins to behave uncomfortably. It becomes quite clear to Sami that Stephanie is not okay and that she didn’t want Rafe hugging her in that way. When Rafe leaves, it’s a nice set of scenes because Stephanie opens up and Sami has to digest the fact that he made a pass at her cousin and it hurts her a lot.”

    Sami is convinced that there is a medical answer behind his behavior, so she orders him to have an MRI. “I have to step up for Sami here and say that the idea that she would think this man is a replacement and it’s not her husband is just preposterous. Why would she for a second think that someone did a swap? That being said, she’s dealing with the “real” Rafe and she wants to know why he is acting this way. She’s a little heartbroken over the Stephanie thing and this other behavior,” says Sweeney. Daniel performs the MRI which indicates that Rafe was never in an accident. Sweeney sighs, “They can’t diagnose it. Daniel does talk her through it and talks to her about helping him be the man she wants him to be.” Meanwhile, Stefano gives the real Rafe a mind altering drug.




    I just read on Days Cafe for next week. 

    Meanwhile, the plans of the phoenix could hit a snag!    And how does he know Rafe is not just playing along …?

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