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    Monday, October 4, 2021

    Doug tries to stop Marlena from harming Julie.
    Chanel assists Abe with his romantic surprise for Paulina.
    Paulina and Lani talk about the past.
    EJ picks up Nicole for their date.
    Monday October 4 Recap
    Abe calls Lani. She was shopping with Paulina. He wants her to stall her
    Paulina asks Lani if everything is OK
    Nicole is getting ready for her date with EJ. She holds the bear
    Rafe remembers seeing Nicole outside the Pub
    John has the recorder and remembers Marlena saying her memory was fuzzy
    John is about to press play on the recorder
    Replay of MarDevil knocking Julie out “Nothing personal, Julie. But I’ve got to do something about that pesky husband of yours.”
    MarDevil can’t have Doug out there telling the whole world about her
    Chanel comes home and sees Abe. He tells her he’s proposing tonight
    Paulina tries to rush off. Lani stops her
    Kayla interrupts John. Kayla tell him he can’t listen to the tape. He said he was tempted to because he’s “so damn concerned about Doc
    John tells Kayla that Doug said Marlena tried to kill him
    Doug wakes up and tries to press the call button
    Ava came to see Rafe
    EJ came to pick up Nicole. He thinks she looks gorgeous after a 12 hour day
    EJ asks if Nicole is still pining over Rafe
    Lani has something she really needs to talk to Paulina about
    Lani wants to surprise Eli with a Christmas trip
    Paulina is going to watch the babies when Eli and Lani go away. Paulina suggests they go to Greece or Italy
    Paulina mentions Paris. Lani gets upset
    Chanel seems surprised that Abe is proposing
    This Lani secret is going to blow the roof off. I can’t wait
    Chanel thinks that Abe is the best thing that’s happened to her mother in forever
    Chanel doesn’t really remember what it was like to have a father. But, she thinks it’ll be nice to have a stepfather like Abe
    Kayla gets paged to Doug’s room. They take off
    Doug tells MarDevil to leave Julie alone Doug grabs the tray as John and Kayla come in “Doc, what’s going on in here
    Ava came to ask Rafe out to dinner
    EJ said he removed every trace of Sami from the mansion when she left
    EJ thinks Nicole should get rid of the bear
    EJ threw Duke in the garbage
    Abe called Olivia and got the recipes to make Paulina’s foods
    Chanel: “Big Mama screwed up. Mama hates pecan pie. Paulina apologize for breaking Lani’s heart over Paris
    John rushes to help Doug back into bed. Kayla checks out Julie. MarDevil and her eyes try to hide
    Julie is OK. Marlena said it was a blow to the head. She hates to say it but it was Doug
    Pecan pie is Tamara’s favorite. Paulina’s favorite is key lime. Chanel is going to help
    Paulina wants to clear the air. Lani get a text and wants to go. Paulina wants to get it out once and for all
    Paulina and Lani are talking about their plans to go to Paris
    Paulina says that she and Tamara both lied. Lani wants to know the real reason she didn’t take her to Paris
    Nicole goes back inside and takes the bear out of the garbage
    MarDevil explains she saw Doug hit Julie and then John and Kayla came in. Julie is getting upset. Doug insists Marlena did it. John looks back at her
    Marlena: “I hit Julie? What earthly reason would I have to do that?
    Doug wants to protect Julie. He’s raving. Kayla thinks Doug has to be sedated. He’s begging Kayla not to do it. Doug yells he loves Julie
    J ordered the most expensive wine
    Rafe wants to go to Julie’s Place
    Ava said she doesn’t want to limit herself to the kitchen. She’s putting the word out everywhere to see who’s hiring
    Paulina remembers telling Marlena her secret
    Paulina and Lani made peace
    Abe: “You have some mad baking skills, my dear
    Rafe and Ava see EJ and Nicole
    Julie thinks that Doug was too weak to hit her
    Kayla tells Julie how Doug violently grabbed Tripp’s arm
    John gets Marlena some water. She tells him that this is heartbreaking. John wants Marlena to tell him what actually happened
    MarDevil is going to push John off a cliff if he keeps asking questions
    Marlena tells John that when she listened to the recording, Doug said he wanted to kill Julie
    John asks Marlena for the truth about what happened and folks think he has no idea something is wrong. Make it make sense
    Ava asks EJ if he remembers her “How could I forget? One of my most notorious clients
    EJ tells Rafe that he is out with Nicole for pleasure
    Abe surprised Paulina
    Paulina hates key lime pie
    John is having a hard time processing that Doug actually wants to hurt Julie. He holds Marlena and tells her that Doug told him something upsetting, too “He said that you had tried to kill him.
    Marlena tells John that it’s just tragic. Kayla and Julie come by and Julie says that Marlena is wrong
    Doug is mumbling not to let “him” hurt Julie
    Marlena’s recommendation is that Doug is committed to Bayview, she thinks that he’s become a danger to himself and to others

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