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    Recap May 6
    Snyder chastising Tripp about sharing an intimate moment with a patients mother. He tells Tripp keep your paws off your damned patients. Ava gets off the elevator and tells Snyder keep your paws off my son

    Nicole and the stupid bear having a flashback of Ava telling her she wants Rafe for herself.

    Rafe on the phone angrily telling someone he got it. John walks in. Rafe tells him Trask is furious John won’t corroborate what he said on the tape. John says and incriminate my own daughter? Forget about that

    John says Justin is trying to get the case thrown out right now. John says he knows his daughter could never murder someone he doesn’t know why he said that

    John says they have to find the real killer and nail their ass to the wall. Jan saying she will be Mrs Jan Brady. Claire walks in and asks is that a fact?? Jan says she didn’t see Claire standing there. Claire says are you denying what you said and Jan says no, friends don’t lie to each other

    “I have allowed myself to imagine a future with your dad now that his wife is going to prison.

    Shawn points out that Jan was in a coma but Belle says no, she knows it was Jan. She thinks maybe they were wrong about the timing all this time

    Marlena says she isn’t sure what Belle is getting at. Belle says Snyder told her that he noticed a change in Jan’s vitals weeks before. Marlena says Jan could have been up to anything. Belle says “even murder

    Claire says Belle swore she didn’t kill Charlie. Jan thinks Belle performed a heroic act by killing a monster like that. Jan says she knows Belle doesn’t want to be friends but they can be family – Belle would want Shawn to move on. She can be Claire’s stepmother
    Tripp introduces Ava to his boss. Ava tells Snyder how lucky he is to have her son in his program. Snyder hopes Tripp appreciates that he even got this opportunity, most hospitals wouldn’t have let him back in the program

    Ava starts to get threatening with Snyder and Tripp says what my mom means is we both appreciate you taking me into the program. Snyder walks away and Ava says he has no idea what I could do

    Allie and Roman in the park, he was babysitting while she looked for work. Roman talks about how Henry will grow up to be a fine young man and wants to watch him longer since he slept the whole time

    Roman and Allie hug and he leaves with Henry. Allie gets up and bumps in Chanel. They are so surprised/happy to see each other and they hug and laugh
    Chanel and Allie says they’ve missed each other so much. Allie says London wasn’t the same without her, it went to hell when Chanel left “Dupree – you have no idea

    Tripp says Snyder is just a stickler for rules. Ava asks what rule he broke? She won’t let anyone falsely accuse Tripp again. She makes him tell her about comforting Allie

    Tripp says Snyder jumped to the wrong conclusion about him and Allie and Ava smiles and asks are you sure about that?

    Rafe is making dinner reservations on the phone and Nicole knocks on his office door. She says she is guilty of a crime, she violated their custody agreement and kept Duke way too long

    Rafe says he missed Duke and Nicole, its been way too long. She says there is something she wants to talk about

    Shawn asks Belle if she thinks Jan snuck out and then snuck back in and faked the coma? Belle wouldn’t put it past her. Belle asks Marlena’s opinion. She says Jan would rarely be alone in ICU. Belle says rarely is not neverBelle asks if its possible and Marlena says of course – its Jan Spears. Shelle leave to talk to people at the hospital

    Rafe assumes this is about Ava – she said Nicole wasn’t happy about the kiss. Nicole denies it and says she just thinks they are two very different people
    Nicole says she cares about both of them and unconvincingly says if something happens between Rafe and Ava she will be happy for them. Rafe says they will find out tonight, they have a date

    Rafe can tell Nicole isn’t happy about the date. Nicole says she is jealous
    Tripp tells Ava that she isn’t first one to think there was something between him and Allie. First Steve and then Ben. He told Ben even if they have chemistry he and Allie can’t be together, it would be too weird
    Allie and Chanel tell each other they both have family in Salem. “That’s so crazy!” She asks why Allie is dressed like that – Allie says she is job hunting. Chanel says she is too

    Chanel says lets go have a drink instead. “Day drinking and lunch? I am so in!”
    Shelle with Snyder. He says he had an obligation to call Belle when Jan woke up since she is representing her father. They ask if Jan could have woken up earlier – like a few weeks?

    Snyder wants to know why they are asking questions about Jan and Shawn pulls out his badge, says Jan might have been part of a murder
    Jan says Claire can call her her “bonus mama”

    Claire says Jan is deluded – Belle isn’t going to prison, Shawn will not be with Jan. She doesn’t want anything to do with Jan. Jan can’t believe Claire is shutting her out again after everything she did for Claire. Claire asks what did you do?
    John gets home and Marlena asks how it went with Trask. He tells her Justin says there is no chance the recording can be used as evidence and is trying to get the case thrown out right now

    Marlena tells John she has news “Shawn and Belle stopped by” “Is Izzy ok??” Marlena says yes, tells them the Jan theory and how they went to talk to the dr about it

    Snyder says there is no way a patient could sneak out and commit a murder. Shawn asks to look at security footage and Snyder says he needs a warrant. Shelle point out it would look bad that he didn’t cooperate

    Claire asks what Jan did for her? Jan says she was caring and compassionate and listened to Claire. Claire says she had no idea who Jan was then
    Jan says she stood by Claire and is her truest friend and this is the thanks she gets? Claire says they are not and never will be friends. “When I am your bonus mama I will be far kinder to you than you are to me

    ChanAllie catching up in Julie’s Place, Chanel talks about how she is getting a divorce and they laugh about it. She asks whats up with Allie and Allie says we need a few more sips of our drinks first

    Ava says she is working on her new life after the mob and she has a date with Rafe “the cop and the mob boss.” She says its not a typical pairing but they are getting close and Rafe kissed her

    Rafe asks if Nicole is jealous of Ava? She says no – she is jealous of their romantic evening and she hasn’t seen Eric in forever and she misses him
    Rafe says Eric is coming home soon, right? Nicole says yes, any day now.
    Rafe jokes they should rethink custody of Duke cause he doesn’t want Eric getting the wrong idea about them

    Nicole says don’t be silly, Eric knows we are friends – just friends. Rafe says good friends, and thanks her for looking out for him
    Nicole asks if he is excited about the date and Rafe says he is. Tripp thinks Rafe is a great guy and Ava is happy he is ok with it, not everyone is and she mentions Nicole

    Ava would be happy if Tripp was with Allie, she tells him just be open to the possibilities. She doesn’t think them being together would be weird at all
    Chanel toasts to happy surprises and then says no more stalling Horton – fill me in! Allie tells her about Henry

    You’re the last person I would expect to have a baby besides me
    Chanel asks about the baby daddy and Allie says he is dead, he was murdered. “He was not a good person. He was never in my life, or Henrys
    Snyder gives Shelle the footage from the security cameras and leaves to see patients. They start watching the footage. They say Marlena was right, there are a lot of people in the halls – drs, nurses, orderlies

    They see Jan peeking out her door in February “OMG Belle – you were right
    Nicole says she better get going and tells the stupid bear she will miss it. Rafe says “we will see you next week”

    Nicole says Rafe should keep the bear, when Eric comes home she won’t see Rafe as much. Rafe says if things work out with Ava maybe they can double date. Nicole says you’re kidding, right

    Rafe says they will always be friends and they awkwardly hug
    Claire says fine, she will admit Jan was nice when they first met but Jan doesn’t care about her – she just wanted to use Claire to drive a wedge between Shelle
    Claire tells Jan to get a life and stay the hell away from her family

    Shelle show Snyder Jan sneaking out of her room on Valentine’s Day. Snyder says Jan had to go to a great deal of trouble to sneak out, clearly she is deranged
    Snyder points out this hospital is not responsible for the actions of a homicidal maniac. He tells them to see themselves out. Belle wants to take the footage to the police. Shawn says no, that’s the last thing we should do

    Shawn says they need more evidence, this doesn’t prove Jan murdered Charlie. Claire tells Jan last warning, leave us alone. Jan tells herself she killed for Claire before and it was surprisingly easy. She can do it again to get what she wants
    Rafe looks at the bear and has a flashback to he and Nicole bonding over it.
    Ava and Nicole run into each other in HTS, Ava asks for help with an outfit for her date with Rafe

    Roman runs into Tripp and tells him Henry is good – you should go see Allie at Julie’s place

    Allie told Chanel the whole story and Chanel says she hopes Allie finds someone great. Allie says there is someone but its complicated – he is Charlie’s half brother and I accused him of rape at one time

    Allie says she doesn’t think anything will happen with Tripp. Allie says they are great at screwing up their lives. She says they used to sleep all day, shop till their drop, act like tourists – Allie has dreams about going back to that time
    Allie misses when life was fun. They talk about getting amazing outfits, not even looking at price tags and eating at the fanciest restaurants in London

    They start singing songs they did at karaoke and giggling. Allie says she hasn’t laughed this hard since london, they were so happy and free. She would give anything to go back to that time. They kiss and Tripp sees. End

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