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    The way that Chad reacted to the story that Leo had given to The Salem Spectator:

    Two-Fold: With how Chad reacted to the story that Leo had given to the Spectator, makes it look like that Chad loathes & despises the lifestyle & yet he’s okay with Sonny being gay, don’t you think?

    This is where the two-fold comes in: When Will came on with Sonny to show the devastation that was caused by Leo & how it affected Sonny, Sonny boo-hooing all over the place over it to Chad, do you really think that Sonny would be so willing to give the power to Leo to single each of them out, meaning, Chad, Sonny, Brady, Chloe, given that not once did they play up the story as to how Leo knowing who Chad would be bringing to the double wedding?

    Then there’s this to think about: Isn’t it very odd that they had gotten rid of Spirtas’ Craig when he would have had the power to stop Leo’s revenge plot, given
    that one of Leo’s victims is Craig’s daughter. When they had played up Leo gushing of how he loves Craig, wouldn’t you think that by keeping Spirtas’ Craig would have played up, that if you have ever loved me & that you want a second chance with me, PROVE IT, by ending your revenge plot.

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