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    Allie, Brady, Chanel, EJ, Gabi, John, Johnny, Marlana, Nick, Paulina, Tripp & Xander all saw for themselves Chad, Sonny & Will in drag for the Christmas Film, when they had Chad in drag announcing the Stripping Santas in the Christmas Film. I kind of doubt that Leo was promoting Beyond Salem 2, given that DRAG isn’t the focal point, but Bo & Hope is, so why was there a need for Sonny to be descriptive how loud Leo was the first night that both of them had their first romp?

    The next question that I have is, with all the people involved with the Christmas film seeing the three in drag & that those three saved the world when it came to the Alamanian Peacock, it’s used as a weapon against Chad, given that Leo saw for himself that the three enjoyed it?

    Why was there a need for Leo to keep putting out there he faked everything with Sonny that night of their first romp that Sonny was describing, the Sonny that I know would never bring up describing that night, given the devastation that Leo caused him that Will had shown to Chad, don’t you think?

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