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    Start of Tweets for 5/14
    begins with rafe seeing Nicole coming out of the Salem Inn. He says he fit her message and tried to call her but she he can’t see she was busy – looks like she slept at the Inn last night
    Kate comes in the door and Jake and Gabi stop kissing and ask what happened to her? She wants to know what’s going on? Kate looks pretty good for falling out a a moving car while sedated

    Sami is trying to rouse Lucas with his head in her nap. “Chloe?” “Excuse me??” “Amanda?” “Who the hell is Amanda??”
    Brady wakes up and tells John that Susan Banks is Kristen
    Chloe sees Susan at the mansion while she is looking for Lucas
    Sami and Lucas talk about what happened and wonder if Kate is ok
    Kate says she fought her way back she should have guessed she’d find them in bed. Jake says you broke up with me! “Your sister Kristen dumped you”
    Chloe is asking Susan questions when Marlena calls to tell her Brady is out of surgery and is doing well. Chloe says she’ll be right over
    Susan asks if that was about Mr Brady Black? She tells Chloe they need to head over to the hospital. Chloe says wait – what’s going on? Why are you in this house?
    Nicole says she had a breakfast meeting for Basic Black. Rafe says yeah…..he saw her last night in the same dress
    “My mom jumped out of a moving car? She’s probably dead!!” Sami says Kate is indestructible
    Lucas says this is all Sami’s fault just cause she was trying to save her lousy marriage. Sami says she was trying to protect Kate, she is Allie and Will’s grandmother
    Kate says it wasn’t her that broke up with Jake “it was Kristen in a me mask”
    Kate tells Jabi how Kristen was being Susan and her. Gabi asks how Kristen got Kate out of the basement.
    Gabi says only Kate could survive that. Kate says you’re dead right. Jake doesn’t know what to say, he thought she broke up with him. Kate says Jake and Gabi deserve each other
    Brady tells John Susan slipped up at Statesville and he figured out the switch. “Kristen has been living at my house for two months??!” John’s not happy
    John says Susan rushed in saying she had a premonition Brady was in an accident – how did Kristen know so fast?
    Marlena comes in “hi sweetheart!” She knows Brady is only supposed to have one visitor but she couldn’t wait to see him
    Marlenais sorry she had an emergency and John says we have an emergency in here too. She thinks he means Brady but they tell her about Kristen.
    Susan/K is trying to cover but tells her she knows she’s lying through her teeth. Chloe says she is going to the hospital
    Lucas says when they get out he has to face the music with Chloe. Why did he care about Susan telling EJ? Sami says cause her life would be ruined. Lucas says so is his, Chloe hates him
    Sami says who cares about Chloe and Lucas says he does! He says who would he be with – Sami? That’s how they got in this mess. Sami can’t believe she cheated on EJ. She is as big a slut as her brothers wife
    Lucas says Nicole isn’t a slut….not anymore
    Nicole tries to cover by saying she wore the same dress because it’s from basic black summer line and she wanted the buyers to see it. Rafe doesn’t look convinced. He asks if she is ok and she says Eric extended his stay – she thinks her marriage is over
    Gabi tells Jake go after Kate I know that’s what you want. He says he meant everything he said to Gabi
    Chloe wants to look in the tunnels (not go back to the hospital I made a mistake before) and Susan is trying to stop her when Kate comes in. Kate Tell Chloe that it’s Kristen and Kristen will snap her neck like a twig if she gets in her way
    Rafe sits Nicole down in HTS and asks what happened. She says Eric called and she expected to get his flight info and instead he told her he was staying longer
    Rafe is so sorry he wasn’t there for her. She says she has other friends, she should have called one of them but she got drunk instead. He says the morning meeting must have been rough. She starts to cry and says you were right, I was not at a meeting
    Sami tells Lucas how she saw Nicole going into the Inn with Xander. Lucas says Nicole hates his guts. Sami says we have hated each others guts and we have two kids. “I never tried to kill you tho – not once!
    Lucas says Sami has it in for Nicole and Sami says my brother is in Africa saving lives and she is out here cheating
    John wants to call the police but Brady asks him not to, Kristen will be in jail for ever. John reminds him how Kristen acts when she is cornered.
    Brady wants the chance to talk Kristen into going back to prison. “Son I know you want to believe that but if Kristen feels cornered…..” Marlena finishes “there’s no telling what she’ll do
    Kate says Kristen left her for dead. Susan/K says thats a lie but Chloe says its all starting to become clear and yanks off Kristen’s wig. Kristen tells her she has picked the wrong time to develop a few brain cells
    Kristen went to a lot of trouble to make sure Chloe didn’t get her claws into Brady and she is tired of playing nice. She grabs Chloe’s arm behind her back and puts her arm around Chloe’s neck
    Nicole says she lied cause the truth is humiliating – she was a drunken mess and didn’t want Allie and the kids to see her like that so she slept it off in the Salem Inn
    Nicole says the cherry on that sundae of this whole experience is that she lied to her best friend.
    Rafe says he is there for her anytime
    Marlena says Chloe should be there by now. John says he doesn’t like this. Brady says if Kristen wanted to hurt Chloe she had chances before now.
    Chloe struggling and begs Kate for help but Kate is woozy and sits down
    Marlena is going to call “Susan” and tell her Brady is awake and to come see him. Susan’s phone is ringing as Chloe is struggling to get free
    John has a really bad feeling – Susan would answer for Marlena knowing it was about Brady
    John says this is bad – tells Marlena call Sami. Sami’s phone rings in Susan’s bag and Kate holds her head and says omg who’s phone is that now? Who else did you kidnap?
    Jake says he and Kate never said ILY. He says well he said it once but in an emotional moment and Kate didn’t say it back. He was thinking of Gabi the entire time
    Jake says he never stopped wanting Gabi. Gabi says she never stopped wanting Jake either – Jake, not Stefan.
    Rafe and Nicole hug and when they pull back Rafe says “you smell like…..” She says a brewery? He says no a patchouli or something.
    Nicole says its BB’s new unisex perfume, she told Brady it was a non-starter. He offers to walk her home but she says no, its ok, how was your date? He says it was good. Nicole walks off crying but Rafe doesn’t see
    Lucas says he spent a lot of time with Nicole and Eric cause of Allie and they love each other. Lucas says maybe Eric shouldn’t stay away so long. Sami is mad, is he defending Nicole cheating? They bicker
    Marlena says Chloe is upset with Lucas and Sami and there are a lot of strange things going on right now that aren’t a coincidence. Brady mocks and you think it all has to do with Kristen
    John says I know you don’t want to think that Kristen has started hurting people again but you have to admit she is capable of it. Marlena says she agrees with John – K is capable of it. Brady agrees to let them call the police
    Kate guesses Kristen has someone else in the tunnels. Kristen shoves Chloe away and points the firepoker at them.
    Chloe says what – you are going to bash us both with that? Kristen says Kate is drugged up and you might as well be. Kate wants to go see who is in the tunnel but Kristen tells her back away
    Gabi asks if Jake is sure? He says he is but he has to go find Kate. Gabi asks why and he says you saw the shape she is in, I have to make sure she is ok and tell her that she and him are through
    Sami says being locked in there with him is the worst. He says what, can’t resist the temptation? She says one night. He says what about camping with Will and we ended up in the same sleeping bag. She says she needed protection from a snake
    Lucas says what about the tiger? And what about the first time you slept with EJ? Lucas reminds her he was hurt and EJ wouldn’t help him unless Sami slept with him first? She says stop picking apart my relationship with EJ
    Sami says EJ is the father of her children. Lucas reminds her he is the father of her children too. Sami is upset, Lucas says if EJ can’t forgive you after all he’s done he doesn’t deserve you
    Sami says if you say one more word about EJ….Lucas says what – you will hit me? Go ahead! She goes to slap him and Lucas grabs her arm and they start kissing
    Nicole home, talking to her wedding pic (I think) saying after we hung up I got drunk and I slept with a pig like Xander and then lied to Rafe
    Nicole cries she needs a shower, she smells like Xander “I have to wash it off and keep going”
    Rafe gets a call from Marlena, she tells him Kristen has escaped. “We are confident she will be a danger to anyone who crosses her path
    Jake comes down looking for Kate and finds her passed out on the ground. Chloe is tied up in Kristen’s trunk crying someone help me. Kristen says too bad there’s no seatbelts in there – its going to be a bumpy ride. End
    Kristen’s license plate just said “The Friendly State

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