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    This question is this: I get that Massey doesn’t want to commit full time. What I’m getting at is this, yes, I know about the contract negotiations involving Z tinker, I get that, but what I’m getting at is look as the mass backlash to the point where they had to bring Will back from the dead because of the story of his murder, what happens when they get the same mass backlash over destroying the characters’ marriage all because of Tinker’s contract negotiations & Massey refusing to commit full time to the point where both actors are let go & they are forced to recast the characters, why risk that?

    Remember, Alex & Stephanie’s romance, can you really see her staying in her relationship with Alex if Vic hands the CEO title to him once he passes away & JKJ isn’t returning because no news of his return to the character now is there, who’s going to get the CEO position, so you tell me how Tinker is going anywhere?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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