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    And again, we still see the characters playing the actors. Meaning, not once did we see Marcie’s Abby fighting with the knifer, now did we? Don’t you think that we should have seen fighting with her attacker instead of not putting up a fight?

    I don’t believe that Lucas is the so-called knifer, because the viewers did see Gwen leaving the prison & coming back to it, & that Lucas took a page out of his own son-in-law’s book, being passed out, would hardly have him, regain consciousness, show up at Casa De Mira & using a knife on his own niece, given, that we did see Leo seeing the romp that Chadigail had with each other. Remember, Lucas was the one who brought not risking breaking the hearts of his children, & ending up doing that by knifing Abby, right?

    Is there a chance that Abby survives this, given that there was a need for Susan to live, so with Susan being alive given as to what she did to herself to protect her son from Satan, I can’t see the need to kill Abs’ now can you?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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